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If amassing a small army of amigurumi bats is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Admittedly, photographing small, dark colored things is not a skill I currently possess. But I gave it a go. And I really had to. I saw some cute amigurumi bats a little while back and finally decided to try to make one for myself (naturally I did so while I should have been doing something else).

I’ve made four so far. I had no pattern so I tried something different for each one. Above, the bat I’ve called Smart (I was watching Get Smart when I worked on him – my imagination waned a bit I suppose), is my fourth and most recent one. He’s also the largest, and honestly, the cutest I think.

I’ve decided to create a small army of amigurumi bats.I’m not sure how, but I just know they will come in handy some day.


10/17/2013: Pattern added!

The lonely box is watching you

The Lonely One by Karissa Cole

In fact, he is watching you with great intensity.

Really, he is.

Posters . . . Random posters

Ever get the uncontrollable urge to create random 11″ x 17″ posters?

Go Green Poster by Karissa Cole

(“Go Green or Die” poster by Karissa Cole 2012 is covered under the Creative Commons – Attribution license. Contact me for details.)

Think Outside the Box poster

Not Knowing is no reason for Not Trying poster

Needless to say, I do.

Crochet now, study later

Cute doesn’t need a reason.

Picture of two crochet creatures

Last week I accidentally ordered safety eyes about 1/4 the size I actually needed; I’m notoriously bad with measurements. I went looking for something small and quick I could make so these tiny eyes didn’t go to waste. I found exactly what I wanted when I came across a picture of Roxycrafts’s Gabu creatures.

I’ve actually made three, and a fourth and final one is on the way.

At just over two inches wide and one inch tall, I’m finding these things really fun to spread out around the house and see who notices.

Magic on the Forest Floor

Shhhh. . .  don’t let anyone know I’m not sleeping yet. . .

So I just a little while ago learned of alien-dreams‘s Apophysis Xenophilia Tutorial on deviantART. Being a big fan of tutorials myself, although  never ever actually adhering to one precisely, I downloaded the ZIP file to check it out. Once I realized I needed to download the Spherical3D plugin (yes, I am notorious for not reading directions, but then, who isn’t), all went pretty darn swimmingly I must say.

Among the many other things I’ll be working on this week (SPRING BREAK – WOO!) here’s a sneak peek of the Apophysis fractal, as inspired by the generous tutorial, I’ll be playing around with and will most likely upload to my deviantART gallery by the end of the week:

Magic on the Forest Floor - Apophysis Fractal Sneak Peek

Magic on the Forest Floor – Apophysis Fractal Sneak Peek

Pretty nifty, huh?

Which Box

It’s frightening, if you think about it, how very easily my brain can be distracted.

Luckily I don’t think about it. . .

I made some minimalistic posters, just for fun, this morning. Naturally I should have been doing something else and I got sidetracked. But for once, I really don’t care.

Inside and Outside the Box Poster Presentation

Come to think of it, this looks to be my first go at making a poster, really. Despite my lack of excellent design skills – even after 3 years of schooling –  these didn’t come out half bad. Although, like most things I do, I had absolutely no plan whatsoever when I created my new file and started throwing things around the blank canvas.

I did both posters in Adobe Photoshop CS4. But after spring break, when the semester starts back up, I think I’ll use the media lab at school to redo these two pieces in Illustrator. Neaten ’em all up just right and whatnot. Think I might even get them printed as proper posters. Look at me, feeling all creative and stuff. Ah springtime is good!

et cetera artistry

During my third semester in the Graphic Design program at my school, the parameters of one of my class projects was left mainly up to the student. Some students took the opportunity to touchup on previous projects they’d done earlier in the semester for this class, but others, like myself, took on creating something brand new. For my project, I created the freelance graphic design company “et cetera.” As part of my project I created logos, slogans, business cards, and advertisements for this faux company.

During my fourth semester at York County I brought et cetera around again for one of my class projects that dealt with creating a trifold brochure for some sort of business or event. Students could create a brochure inspired by a vacation, a yard sale, or a personal small business. With my imaginary business, et cetera, already simmering at the back of my mind from the intense project of the earlier class, I jumped on the chance to expand my little company.

And now, in my fifth and final semester at school, I’ve been using this fake graphic design company as the basis for my web development class. The scope of the class is pretty narrow. Most of the students seem to have trouble with basic coding. But I’ve got some handle on HTML and CSS so I’ve been ahead on assignments for weeks. The design’s supposed to be kept simple, in line with an introductory level really. So here’s my site’s home page:

etc stie preview

full home page screenshot of “et cetera artistry”

It’s all basic, simple stuff, but it’s quite enjoyable, going in and messing around with things to get it all looking neat enough. I think coding everything by hand using a plain text editor is what really makes it fun. In fact, it’s so much fun, I tend to spend the hours I should be devoting to other things working on this. Heh heh. Actually now that the semester’s winding down, all that time I spent playing with HTML and my faux graphic design business is starting to pay off. See, now instead of cramming and rushing to get my site finished like everyone else in the class, I can scramble and rush to get projects from other classes done. . . It sounded like more of a pay off in my head.

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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