Purploid Baby

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? I guess most people have. This strange and often unexplainable sensation could creep up on you when you’re hard at work on a project; or deep in thought; or maybe just doing the laundry. But have you ever felt like, whatever the situation, all of a sudden and maybe out of nowhere a little pair of eyes are staring directly at the back of your head, willing you to turn around so that these same little eyes can stare just as intently into your soul and quite possibly take over your brain?

Ever get that particular feeling?

Personally, I have yet to experience this exact thing (and I am in no rush to). But according to a friend of mine it could happen to anyone. Of course if I’m being honest, I stopped taking him at his word when he said a race of highly intelligent fruit bats stole his pizza that one time at the laundromat.

I did actually almost start to believe his story (the one about the eyes staring into your soul and taking over your brain; not the bat thieves with a taste for pizza) though. Go ahead and call me crazy, but at the time, it was all I could think about.

I was sitting at my desk, right where I am now as a matter of fact, quietly wrapped up in reorganizing some files when I felt a chill skitter down my spine; I was being watched. I’ll admit, it was quite late at night and my sudden spike in paranoia – feeling like I was being observed – could very well have been attributed to a severe lack of sleep. And that’s what I would’ve done, too, in any other case; brush off the feeling and move on. But I did have that eyes-boring-into-your-head-and-soul story fresh in my mind, ridiculous though I thought it was.

But unlike most times when that feeling turns out to be nothing, this time it turned out to be something. I was actually, honestly, and truly being watched.

I don’t know where she came from or how she got here. But as soon as I knew there was a gaze turned on me for real, slowly, timidly even, I turned around in my chair and saw two dark purple eyes staring at me:

Purploid Baby

To my great surprise these eyes did not belong to a creepy stalker or a soul-sucking alien being, but instead to a Purploid Baby. You can imagine my relief. Purploids are far more desirable than creepy stalkers and soul-sucking aliens, I can’t even tell you.

I still really don’t know where this little one came from. But there she was just sitting on the edge of the desk contently staring at my file organization prowess. She’s been quite a wonderful house guest since that night, for she doesn’t take up much space and is happy to eat whatever she finds (she does seem to have a fondness for donuts, though – eating them, sleeping on them, whatever. She just like donuts).

The little Purploid comes and goes as she pleases. But thankfully she no longer stares at someone unannounced; she’s kind enough to make sure we know she’s in the room before she stares.

  1. Oh my, that is just ridiculously cute!

    I was reading through this entry agreeing with EVERYTHING (your friend is correct – I’m often sure there’s something watching me that intensely. Although often I turn round and it’s the cat) and then when the photo popped up I genuinely lol’d.

    Love it :)

  2. Hi, how my I contact you?

  3. I want a purploid baby! How can I acquire one (i.e. a pattern to make one)? I think I have fallen in love with her!

  4. I love this: story, little purploid baby and all. I want one. Do you think she’ll consider a visit? Is there a pattern available? I love her.

    • Many thanks :]
      Purploids are quite lovable and social, so I plan to post the free pattern to my blog here. It should be available in about a week.

      • Oh, you’re welcome! Yay! I’m very much looking forward to that! :

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