Shark Attack! – 5 Free Sea Life Amigurumi Patterns

Some stories are just too crazy to try to tell. Like that one with the underwater cave inhabited by the yellow-eyed octopus and the super heroes. Other stories, though, just have to be told, no matter how crazy.

This is one of those stories.

I was standing at my desk getting some papers ready for the FWF session next week when I heard a soft click come from behind me. Suddenly grand, dramatic music began playing, but at a rather subdued volume. I turned to see that a tiny white speaker hooked up to an even smaller media player had been propped up on the bookshelf at the other end of the room. And although this in itself was unusual, the thing next to the speaker on the bookshelf was what really threw me for a loop. There’s really no way to prepare yourself for this kind of thing either, I’ve found.

Sitting on the shelf was:

Sharkie! Free Pattern by Karissa Cole

He began singing and dancing to the music, with me as his sole audience. Surprisingly enough he could carry a tune, although his lyrics were a bit on the wonky side (but I was honestly too stunned to complain about such a triviality). When his short performance came to an end – with the lyric: Oh yes I am a shark, now you see/Please won’t you bring me some broccoli? – the dramatic music coming to a theatrical finish, he stared up at me expectantly, obviously waiting for some sort of response.

Well I’m sorry but I just don’t know the proper etiquette for this sort of thing. Which is something I suppose was blatantly obvious what with my just staring at him.

Finally he prompted, “What did you think?”

I groped around for the right thing to say, assuming “the right thing to say” even existed in a situation like this one. Eventually I settled on, “It was certainly interesting.” I attempted to smile politely, but I think it came off more as a grimace. The little shark didn’t seem to notice though; he just beamed brightly, pleased with the whole situation.

I knew I probably shouldn’t ask any questions. I mean, when a tiny shark comes into your house, sets up on your bookshelf and begins singing about broccoli, it’s probably just best to accept things the way they are and not probe too much. Leave well enough alone.

But I couldn’t help myself.

“Why are you signing?”

He smiled at me in that “duh” kind of way. “You know!” he guffawed. “Everyone knows sharks sing. Silly.” He shook his head, but in an amused, not perturbed way.

“Um,” I said tentatively. “I thought it was whales that sang.”

At that his little face twisted into the most peculiar combination of recognition and shock.

He slapped his fin to his head, muttering “Whales. Whales! Of COURSE, it’s WHALES that sing! Oh I knew that. Stupid, stupid. . .”

I smiled and tried to contain my giggling.

He looked up at me around his fin, a sheepish smile (if you can picture a shark smiling sheepishly) creeping onto his face. “So,” he started, brushing off his embarrassment. “Wanna play Monopoly? I’ll let you be the race car.” He lowered his fin and smiled up at me hopefully.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the notion of playing a board game with a slightly confused but altogether pleasant mini shark, but I nodded readily.

I went off to get the game, stopping by the fridge for some broccoli on the way.


My Sharkie pattern came about soon after my whale pattern. Check it out here if you haven’t already. With these two patterns you can make your own aquarium! As a plus, see below for ideas for making your own seal, dolphin, goldfish, or orca. But to start, here’s how to make your own shark:

S U G G E S T E D  M A T E R I A L S:

• Worsted weight yarn in two (2) colors such as:
* Red Heart Super Saver (1) Grey  [Main color] (2) White [Secondary color]
• G/7 4.50MM crochet hook
• One (1) pair of 6MM safety eyes (available in many craft stores or online at
• Scissors
• Needle & black embroidery thread
• Fiberfill stuffing

A B B R E V I A T I O N S:

MC – magic circle (magic loop/magic ring)
sc – single crochet(s)
inc – increase
dec – decrease
st(s) – stitch(es)
ch – chain
*actions in asterisks should be repeated until round completion or to the indicated stopping point in the round*
(number in parentheses indicates total number of stitches after round/row completion)
FO – fasten off
RND – Round
tc – triple crochet
dc –  double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
sl st – slip stitch

T H E  P A T T E R N:

B O D Y (x1)

MC 6 with main color
RND 1) *inc* (12)
RND 2) *sc, inc* (18)
RND 3) *2sc, inc* (24)
RND 4-7) *sc* (24)
RND 8) switch to secondary color *sc* (24)
RND 9) *2sc, dec* (18) – Attach eyes. Stuff.
RND 10) *sc, dec* (12)
RND 11) *dec* (6)

T A I L  F I N (x1)

ch 8
dc in third ch from hook, hdc, 2 sl st, hdc, dc in final ch, sc in same final chain. cut yarn and pull through. Shape and attach to back of shark (if you did not use a joggless color change method I suggest putting the tail were the colors change). As you can see I chose to put the tail on horizontally; this is not meant to be realistic, just cute in my opinion. Turn the tail and attach in so it’s more vertical if you prefer.

D O R S A L  F I N (x1)

Ch 8
tc in 4th ch from hook. dc in next ch. hdc in next ch. sc in next ch. sl st in last ch. FO. Attach.

F I N S (x2)

decide on placement and pick up a stitch on side of body. ch 4, sc in original pickup. FO. Repeat for other side of head/body.
ALTERNATIVE: If you’re not comfortable picking up and crocheting (or chaining in this case) simply ch 4 and sl st in last chain from hook. Attach to body.

Using the black thread, stitch on gills.

Shark Angles by Karissa Cole


You can use the base shark or whale pattern to make other sea critters. Just make the changes listed for each below:


To make an Orca: (1) Follow the same body, fin, dorsal fin, and tail pattern as shark using black instead of grey. (2) Instead of using black thread for gills, use white thread (or yarn) to stitch on eye patches.

Orca Free Amigurumi Pattern by Karissa Cole

To make a Dolphin: (1) Follow the same fin, dorsal fin, and tail pattern as shark using blue-grey instead of grey. MAKE THE FOLLOWING ADJUSTMENT TO THE BODY: Instead of changing to the secondary color in RND 8, wait and switch in RND 9 (a decrease row.) (2) To make the nose/snout:

With main dolphin color, MC 3
RND 1) *inc* (6)
RND 2) *sc* (6)
FO. Attach to head and adjust eyes accordingly.

Dolphin by Karissa Cole (2)

To make a Seal: (1) Follow the same body, fin, and tail pattern as shark using white instead of grey (skip the dorsal fin, just as in the original whale pattern). (2) Using black thread or yarn stitch on a nose.

Baby Seal by Karissa Cole

To make a Goldfish: (1) Follow the same body and tail pattern as shark using orange instead of grey. (2) Stitch the top fin as follows:

Ch 3
sl st in 2nd ch from hook.
dc, tr cr, & then dc all in next ch.
sl st in last ch. FO.

(3) Stitch the side fin the same way noted in the shark/whale base pattern but make the following changes: Pick up stitch on side of head/body, double up yarn, ch 3, sc in original pick up, FO.

Goldfish by Karissa Cole

** Please be sure to note, though, that these are original designs and patterns. I believe in the free sharing of techniques and ideas. Please do not abuse my desire to share with others. You are not permitted to sell any products made as the result of these patterns and/or designs, nor are you permitted to sell the patterns or designs. Please, if you do use the patterns or designs for either the shark, whale, orca, dolphin, or fish in any part, give credit where credit is due: direct others to this original posting so that they too can benefit.**

Pattern, design, photos, and story copyright Karissa Cole 2012. All rights reserved.

  1. This is the cutest pattern I’ve ever saw!! ^^

  2. Oh and the whale singing story is just funny!!! Thank you for writing! Hihihihihiii x

  3. These are so cool! I wish I could knit just to make these!

    • Thanks! Learning to crochet (or knit) takes a bit of practice but it’s actually pretty simple :D

  4. This pattern is adorable, I’ve added it to the new site A new site to find 100s of free crochet patterns from all over the web. Updated every Wednesday and Saturday nights! If for some reason you do not wish to have your pattern linked up please email me at Thanks! Megan

  5. Wow, these are too cute to be real!

    • Lily
    • February 6th, 2013

    That goldfish! Soooo cute!

  6. oh my, i can’t resist! can i make some too? thank you!

  7. These are so cute and good amigurumi practice! I have done one orca and two fish so far for a mobile! Thanks for the patterns :)

    • LovelyTitania
    • May 10th, 2013

    Thank you so much for the pattern! They’re all so cute! I saw the dolphin and I couldn’t resist the tempation to crochet a Ganges River Dolphin with it, you can see it here!

    I’m still learning how to crochet, so thank you again for giving me this opportunity to learn!

  8. Thank you for this pattern – I love that they are all made from the same mainpattern. I have made a mobile with the five sea animals. Take a look at it at our blog,
    // Rosa

    • I’m so glad you like and have been able to use the pattern. Your mobile looks great! Thanks for sharing it with me :)

    • Haley B
    • July 7th, 2013

    This is the cutest thing ever you should link it to your instagram :)

    • Thanks Haley! :D
      I don’t know anything about instagram though 0.o

  9. Just wanted to let you know this was featured on the At Play Blog ( today.


    • Kim
    • September 26th, 2013

    Karissa – I would love to make these cute animals for my niece who found out about them…..but you state MC as abbreviation for magic circle (normally this abb. stands for main color) and on first row of pattern MC 6 with main color – I am not sure how to work this – I know how to make a magic circle and work in rounds but what does this mean for first step? Please help! Her Birthday party is this weekend and I had hoped to pop a few in a bag to surprise her. Thanks ~ Kim

    • Hi Kim,
      It sounds like you’ve already got this figured out. Just follow the abbreviations I’ve listed. MC stands for magic circle, not main color :)
      So start by making a magic circle of 6 stitches with your main color. Then continue from there.
      Hope that helps!

        • Kim
        • September 26th, 2013

        Okay – I take it the magic circle then is made of 6 chain stitches ….. that would make sense – THANKS! And, the little sea animals are fantastic! I’m sure once I get them made my niece will adore them! :-)

      • Yep! Excellent. I hope you have no troubles with the rest of the pattern.
        And thank you! I hope your niece likes them :)

    • Yarrow
    • October 14th, 2013

    Hello, I couldn’t find a G/7 4.50MM crochet hook, but I do have the size above and below it, pretty sure. Should I go a size smaller or bigger?

    • Hi there,
      I’d recommend going a size smaller, 4 mm. This will most likely make your finished product a bit smaller as well, but this ensures that the stitches will be tight enough to prevent the stuffing from showing :)

    • Sam
    • October 30th, 2013

    Hi Karissa, Love your blog! I was just looking around the web for other cute patterns when I came across these patterns I know that your copyright isn’t any of my business, but these patterns look like they took too much inspiration from yours…

    • Sam
    • October 30th, 2013

    And they have an etsy shop too….

    • Hi there.
      Thank you! I’m glad to hear you like my blog :)
      Thank you for bringing this site to my attention. I really appreciate it. I try to make sure that if I’m inspired by another’s work I give the original creator credit, and I always hope that others will do the same. That doesn’t always work out though, so it’s great to have people out there who catch that sort of thing. Thank you again :)

    • CJ
    • November 4th, 2013

    This is SUPER cute! I am just starting to crochet, and I can’t wait until I am good enough to crochet these adorable animals you make up! :D Are there any tips you have on crocheting I could use to help me? :D

    • Thanks! You’ll be crocheting cute amigurumi in no time! :)

      As far as tips go I can say these at least 3 things: 1) When making little creatures like the ones here, Worsted Weight yarn is great to work with. It’s also good to use a hook a few sizes smaller than the actual size suggested on the yarn label. This helps keep your stitches nice and tight. And speaking of stitches, 2) Try to keep stitches neat and tight by giving a little extra tug to the yarn after you finish a stitch (not too tight though – your hook still has to fit through). After a bit of practice you’ll find your stitches will become nice, tight, and uniform. And tip 3) Don’t be afraid to try something that seems kind of hard – sometimes the best way to learn is to just jump right in!

      I don’t know if these tips help or not, but they’re what I found useful when I started out :)

      My “Confused Owl” pattern ( is pretty simple. There aren’t a lot of complicated pieces to make, and you mostly just need to know how to increase and decrease. It’s pretty good for practice. You could also try out some of the patterns listed here:

      Also, check out if you haven’t already. There are a lot of super helpful videos and instructions there that come in real handy when making amigurumi! :D

        • CJ
        • November 5th, 2013

        Thanks a lot! I will try the tips… they probably will help SO much! XD

        • CJ
        • November 5th, 2013

        Do you have any help with the magic circle? I tried looking it up but they were all confusing… I couldn’t really figure it out.

      • Hmm, well, there are a few different ways to make a magic circle. This YouTube video by Bernat Yarns is pretty easy to follow: You could try checking that out. The first 2 minutes or so demonstrate making a magic circle. You’ll notice though that in this video, after the 6 stitches are made in the circle, they work a slip stitch. In many amigurumi patterns, though, you don’t join with a slip stitch. Once you’ve done the 6 beginning stitches in the circle, you can go ahead and start crocheting right in the round. (The pattern will specify this, of course.)
        Making a magic circle was a bit tricky to get the hang of when I first started, but with practice it’s not so bad :)

        • Anonymous
        • November 8th, 2013

        Thanks! This is CJ… :P Hopefully this helps! I think it will! That was probably the only part I was struggling to find…

    • CJ
    • November 4th, 2013

    Also I was wondering if there were any recommendations you had on simple crochet designs to “practice” my skills on. Thanks! :D

    • CJ
    • November 4th, 2013

    These would be great stocking stuffers for friends or relatives! Of course I would tell them I found the design here… :P

  10. Just tried the shark pattern out as practice for making a bunch of them for a friend for Christmas. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as small as it was but it’s still precious and I’m glad I found this page. I’ve found that the 10mm safety eyes are also super cute and give it more of a ‘chibi’ look.

      • Anonymous
      • December 21st, 2013

      I made a whale with 9mm eyes and it looks really cute with that too! :D

    • Anonymous
    • January 5th, 2014

    Is the whale tail pattern supposed to make half of a tail or am I doing something wrong?

    • Hmm the tail pattern should result in the finished little tail shown in the photos. I’m not sure what might be going wrong..

  11. Reblogged this on Midnite Crafting Crochet & More and commented:
    Oh! I love these….where do i find the time to make them…lol

    • mina
    • February 6th, 2014

    Your patterns are so adorable and I love the intro story.
    Thank you so much for the patterns!

  12. Hi i was wondering how you shaped the dorsal fin for the shark and orca. Mine is more rounded like the goldfish.

    • Hi there,
      Hmmm, I didn’t do anything different than what I wrote in the pattern. Be sure not to chain to tightly to start, and keep the stitches relatively loose. When you go to sew the fin on top, make sure not to bunch it up. In fact, when sewing, if you sort of stretch out the bottom a bit (the part being sewn to the top of the shark or orca) then it should give it a bit more shape. Hope that helps :)

  13. Hola
    Soy nueva en esto, y la verdad no entiendo mucho , no se si sea posible, me hicieses un vídeo de como hacer un goldfish, es para mis hijos gatunos.
    Si necesitas que te pague por hacerme el vídeo, por favor dime cuanto me saldría, y si mi monedero lo tiene con gusto lo pagare.

    • Hello
      I’m new at this, and I really do not know much, if not possible, thou hast done me a video of how to make a goldfish, it’s for my feline children.
      If you need me to pay for making me the video, please tell me how I would, and if I have my wallet happy to pay you.

      • Hi there,
        Thank you for commenting. Help is always free here :) Unfortunately I have no video at the moment that specifically shows how to make a goldfish. Someday I may be able to make one. But for now there are some great beginner videos at (Planet June). I’m not affiliated with this site, but I’ve known a lot of people who have learned a lot from these simple to understand tutorial videos. You could also try looking at for some basic tutorials. This pattern of mine is basically a sphere, so you could start there. I hope that helps! :)

    • DakotaRyderCo
    • February 19th, 2014

    Hello, and I ventured to do and well, do not know why but can not get the tail fin, round out both sides, any advice?

    • DakotaRyderCo
    • February 19th, 2014

    Me and left tail!!!
    But if he should take it, would be easier!
    Ow I just missing the two flaps and above!
    Thank you very much for the patterns!

      • DakotaRyderCo
      • February 19th, 2014

      I was beautiful my fish thank you very much for sharing!
      Now we just need to do more for my other feline children!

    • DakotaRyderCo
    • February 24th, 2014

    Baby I do not get shark fin:

      DORSAL FIN (x1)

    ch 8
    tc in 4th ch from hook. sc in ch. dc in next ch. sc in next ch. pd in the last chapter. FO. Attach.

    • Hi there,
      Let me see if I can clarify this a bit:
      Begin the dorsal fin by chaining 8. In the 4th chain from the hook you will do a triple crochet. In the next chain work a double crochet.Then, in the next chain work a half double crochet. Next work a single crochet. And finally work a slip stitch in the final chain. Then finish off by cutting the yarn. You can now attach the completed fin to the shark :)

    • Mitzeh
    • June 13th, 2014

    Love the pattern however was surprised at how small it was (was going to make it as a gift for a new baby but I’m worried it may be too small) any suggestions on how to enlarge it so it’s maybe double or tripple the size??

    Btw I do love the pattern even at the original size :)

    • Hi Mitzeh,
      Thanks for commenting! This pattern definitely is very tiny. If you’re planning to give the finished product to a little one, my best advice would be to double (or even triple or quadruple) the yarn and use a much larger hook size. Thicker yarn + bigger hook = bigger stitches, which means bigger finished product. Granted, this technique may not compensate enough, but it’s my best thought at increasing such a teeny pattern without bringing in lots of math. I hope this helps! Thanks again :D
      (Alternatively, some people have used this pattern to make little hanging mobiles for new babies! Just a thought. Good luck!)

    • Steph
    • September 5th, 2014

    Can you make this in a video please?

    • Cheryl Haugen
    • December 10th, 2014

    I am new to crocheting, on your pattern:
    MC 6 with main color : is this 6 chain stitches?
    RND 1) *inc* (12) : is this inc to 12 stiches sc?
    RND 2) *sc, inc* (18)
    RND 3) *2sc, inc* (24)
    RND 4-7) *sc* (24)
    when you get to the end of the rnd do you chain?

    • “MC 6” is make a magic circle (also called a magic loop or ring) with 6 stitches. RND 1 requires increasing in each of these 6 stitches, giving you 12 total at the end of the round. At the end of each round, you do not need to chain. The piece is worked in a (continuous) spiral :)

    • Chu
    • January 10th, 2015

    I love these patterns; they are so cute and a great little gift to make with all my smaller balls of yarn.
    I’m going through to making the goldfish and for the life of me I don’t quite understand what you mean by /double up yarn’ in it’s side fin.
    Do you mean use two strands of yarn?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hello Chu,

      Sounds like you’ve got it; “double up yarn” means exactly what you said, just use two strands :)

    • Samantha Khaw
    • January 11th, 2015

    So cute~~ I already made a pair~
    Thanks for your sharing~

    • Anonymous
    • January 13th, 2015

    Awe so cute!

    • Anonymous
    • January 13th, 2015

    The seal is so cute

    • Anonymous
    • March 23rd, 2015

    Merci Karissa

    • Anonymous
    • March 26th, 2015

    These are adorable…I might have to make myself a tiny Orca keychain. x3

    Thought I’d point out that someone seems to be selling things made from these patterns here:

    • Anonymous
    • May 4th, 2015

    Hello the pattern worked out great. Thanks!! :)

    • Anonymous
    • June 3rd, 2015

    Hello, the story accompanying the crochet pattern is so interesting and cute! Thank you for sharing!

    • sammy
    • June 17th, 2015

    I could never find a cute pattern for an orca but you answered my prayers! im obsessed with the ocean so this is great!

    • Anonymous
    • July 14th, 2015

    Grazie! ^^

    • Annette
    • July 30th, 2015

    These are super cute and I am excited to make the orca, just came back from vacation and my family was able to see a pod of orca whales for over an hour!

  14. Hi there! I love this pattern! So I write a article about my little Orca:

    • Lacy
    • August 28th, 2015

    Hello! I was wondering if I altered the pattern a little, would I be able to sell these cuties? They are adorable and of course I would not call the pattern my own. Thank you so much :)

  15. Cute critters, I wanted to state though that you can not LEGALLY restrict people from selling the finished product from your pattern. It is a Supreme Court ruling in the US. It would be like buying a Cadillac and being told you can only drive it in New York City. The pattern itself can not be sold by others though. I am just letting you know. If you do not want people selling the finished product you should not share the pattern.

    • Hi Lynn! Thanks :) As far as your comment goes, I assure you, research has been done. If you check out my FAQ page ( you’ll see why I CAN legally restrict the selling of finished products made from my pattern. Why that is the case has been spelled out comprehensively for anyone in doubt.

    • Diane Simpkins
    • October 8th, 2015

    Very cute. I know some kiddys that will like these.

    • Val
    • November 7th, 2015

    Hi Karissa adorable patterns thank you for sharing. I am a bit confused however, easily done now days. This might sound a bit odd but I am in the UK so stitches are different ie sc is dc here. My stitches don’t look anything’s ones in pattern, even a friend tried this morning for me. I am using a double knit wool . I am so looking forward to making a few ,I’m sure once I have completed one I will be on a roll. But over the last month (yes really) it has kept me out of trouble..many thanks. ValvVv

    • Hi Val! Thank you, I’m glad you like :) I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this pattern. I’m not sure how to help but here’s what I can tell you: (1) Use a hook smaller than recommended for your yarn; we want tight stitches. Speaking of tight stitches (2) pull yarn tight after each stitch (not so tight you’re in danger of breaking the yarn, or your hands, but pretty darn taught!).

      Alternatively, if you’d like you can send me a photo of how your stitches are coming and I can see if that reveals any useful help I could offer :)

  16. I just started doing these and they are just wonderful. Making them for my grand-daughters stockings. Great job.

    • AmberSilver
    • December 30th, 2015

    I just started crocheting, I only watch video to learn. I am still very confused by reading the patterns. Is there any trick? Or a video that could show me how to do it?

    • Rachel
    • February 15th, 2016

    Excellent pattern(s)!!! I just made the orca for my hubby and he loves it! Great job and thank you!

    • Lizzy
    • August 18th, 2016

    Hi, i love the pattern but I don’t know what to start with? The Grey or the white?? like witch is the secoundary colour??

    • Hi Lizzy! Thanks! The instructions say that grey is the main color, and the white is the secondary color.
      Hope that helps :)

    • Anonymous
    • August 27th, 2016

    I think you’re little cuties might be being sold via etsy:

    • K.
    • February 2nd, 2017

    To all the people who can’t get the tail right, are you making it with two strands of yarn?
    I wrote the pattern down on a piece of paper so I could practice the stitches while on the bus, so of course I forgot to add the indication of doubling up the yarn.
    After I did that, it worked.

    Thank you very much Karissa for the pattern. I kept coming back to this page, and putting it off because crocheting gives me headaches, but I finally made the goldfish and it’s lovely.

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