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Somewhat Fanciful,” an older ‘scape from about a year ago, was featured as a Daily Deviation today by ^Infinite705. My surprise at seeing a few thousand notifications on my dA page this morning was monumental, to say the least. I really don’t think it’s that great a piece, but I’m uber grateful for sure. I’m still in the process of thanking everyone.

I haven’t made any really awesome celestial pieces in a while. But all my watchers – new and old – deserve a decent piece from this year at least. Plus I really need to feel like I’m progressing. I had really better get cracking! Got a few ideas that’ve been flitting around my head recently. And I live in an area where Hurricane Sandy is hitting hard – which means I don’t have to go into work. Maybe I’ll get the chance to buckle down and do something digital. How’s that for turning a negative into a positive? Hurricane coming? Cool, now I can play in Photoshop!

Hee hee. . .

Actually, this hurricane business is pretty heavy, so I’ll probably be preoccupied with that for the next two days. But, thanks to my deep need to multitask and my itty bitty attention span, I’m bound to be able to squeeze in some celestial art workage. I can just put it on the list next to traditional art and crocheting (both of which have been going well, actually.)

Me and my miniscule attention span. Can never just work on one thing at a time. Keeps life interesting!

Left vs. Right

In my post yesterday I mentioned my lack of right brain usage lately. I’ve been very left brained – math, logical thinking and puzzle-solving have been really the only things on my list of recreational activities. (My walls – covered in part with chalkboard paint – have been recently adorned with mathematical equations, and a list of the values of i with various exponents.)

I realize there’s been speculation regarding whether or not the left hemisphere of the human brain does indeed control logical, orderly thought and the like, whereas the right side pertains to creativity and emotions, but even so, I found myself somewhat inspired to create a poster regarding the notion:

Left vs Right by Karissa Cole - All rights reserved

I admit, as this falls very near the “typography” category, it’s not a necessarily superb piece. I greatly admire typographical work and they are often among my favorite design pieces. But I know little about the art, or at least, I don’t have enough skill to create the great pieces I so revere.

I did once take a typography class in school. But the only thing I ended up learning was how to restrain myself from leaping from my chair and strangling the instructor across the desk. He was the biggest idiot masquerading as a teacher I have ever known. Not only did he not know how to use Adobe Illustrator (I made the mistake of asking him how to create a certain look and ended up – no lie – teaching HIM how to use some of the tools and functions), he never once focused on typography, and instead had us create brochures and pamphlets. Uh, thanks dude, but we make that stuff in our GRAPHIC DESIGN CLASS. And I realize the two go hand in hand, but come on. What kind of typography class doesn’t focus on words? Plus, his own stuff, which he made us look at at the beginning of each class, were some really lousy designs.

But I digress.

Left vs. Right. And the battle continues. . .

Sketchy Plan

Sketch Up by Karissa Cole

I used to think I was a pretty decent artist. But having not touched pencil to paper for anything other than solving a math equation for the past year, I can safely say I no longer think this. Mulling it over now, I’m pretty sure I was never actually that good. Maybe above average just a tad, but not supremely talented, that’s for sure.

Forever and a day ago I used to doodle all the time. But I’m pretty much just digital these days. I decided to hook up my Wacom today and draw a few portraits in Photoshop. This is something I’ve yet to do and I thought it might be a nice skill to try to develop. After about 10 minutes, though, I got fed up. I just can’t get what I want on the canvas – not with a pen and tablet anyway. This was incredibly disheartening, I must say. But I set out to draw something, and I was not going to give up until I did. So I ended up grabbing a wrinkled old piece of card stock and a charcoal pencil and that up there is what I came up with after a few minutes of scribbling.

My worst failing as an artist, and quite possibly as a human being in general, is my lack of patience. I am terribly impatient when it comes to almost everything, but especially two things: (1) Traffic on the road and (2) Art and design. Oddly enough, art and design is what I went to school for. It’s what I wanted to do for a living. And yet it drives me mad more often than not, and I have less of a knack for it than I had thought. On the other hand, Math, which I had no interest in when I started my graphic design schooling, has, for the past year anyway, been the way I make my living and I have yet to lose my patience when dealing with any of the math students I work with. This, to me, is some kind of cruel irony. But I suppose it’s beside the point.

Maybe I’ve been relying too much on my left brain lately. I’m thinking maybe I need to find a way to strengthen my right brain, shake off the dust and cobwebs and fall in love with art again. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t shoved the arts away completely. But sometimes I wish it were as easy for me to draw or design something as it was for me to solve an algebraic equation.

I can’t believe I’ve gotten to the point where I actually love math. I used to be so normal . . . Well. More normal than that.

My creativity seems to come in spurts. I’m hoping this latest, albeit mediocre, drawing is that start of a new spurt wherein I can explore some of the medium I might have forgotten about. Who knows?

Water Colors

Earlier today I was thinking that I hadn’t felt real creative or inspired lately. . .

So I decided to go dunk a bunch of crayons in a glass full of carbonated liquid and take a few photos:

Water Colors (1) by Karissa Cole

Water Colors (2) by Karissa Cole

Water Colors (7) by Karissa Cole

Water Colors (3) by Karissa Cole

Water Colors (4) by Karissa Cole

Water Colors (5) by Karissa Cole

I don’t know if this totally snatched me from my funk; but it sure didn’t hurt!

And at the very least, I can say I learned a little bit about the effect of an object’s density on floating and sinking, as well as buoyancy. (Even remotely science minded I am not.) When first tossed into the liquid the crayons floated back to the surface rather quickly. After several dunks, though, it took longer and longer for the paper cover wax to return to the top of the glass. Art can be so educational sometimes.

All photos copyright Karissa Cole 2012. May not be used or reproduced without permission. For more information please visit the About or Contact pages of this blog.



You ever web searched yourself? Every now and then – usually when it’s a really slow day at work and I have nothing but a computer to keep me from losing my mind to boredom – I search for my name, or as was the case this time, my username.

My blog here came up, my deviantART, Purevolume, a few photos of mine, my Twitter, Ravelry, a few of my wallpaper downloads – all things I’d expect. But at the bottom of the first search results page was a link to that video up there. This I did not expect since I had nothing to do with this music track or the YouTube upload. But the background image for this video is my very own Apophysis fractal “Synapse“. Thankfully the vid creator credited me, so it’s all good.

It’s  been up for like a year, apparently, but I just found it. Thought that was kinda neat.

Synapse is one of my oldest works, created early 2009. So it got me looking at some other fractals I’ve made over the past few years:

My creative to-do list is wicked long, and I’ve been pretty busy lately. But I’ve still been able to make a few new fractals recently, before I found this Synapse video actually. I posted my newest in Oh, Fractal Me.

Looking at these old pieces of mine, though, has prompted me to add making more fractals to my already long list. Guess that’s what I get for being nostalgic! I suppose I’ll just have to suffer through another burst of creative energy and vision though. Oh what I do to pacify my right brain.

Enveloped by Magic

Enveloped by Magic by Karissa Cole (1701blog post)I decided I needed a little magic in my life today. Crazy, wild, completely and totally over-the-top magic.

Passport Stamps

Tell Me Lies WIP by Karissa Cole

the King of Nothing by Karissa Cole (570)

Once Around the Block by Karissa Cole

a Matter of Perspective by Karissa Cole

From Grandfather's Memories by Karissa Cole

Waiting by Karissa Cole

Just cataloging the worlds I’ve visited lately.

See, my car battery has been on the fritz (brand new, but there’s some as of yet unknown power drain that kills it every weekend) so I’ve had to rely on space travel to get to and fro these past couple of weeks.

Space travel’s not exactly the easiest method of specifically earth-related transportation (do you have any idea how hard it is to park a space ship in your standard lot?) but it can lead you to some very interesting places if you take the scenic routes!

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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