Beautiful Monsters

I think, sometimes, re-imagining something is just as important as imagining. I mean, taking something old and maybe forgotten, and rethinking what it could be. Admittedly, this is not something I do too often. But I did it this morning.

Today I was in just the right mood, I guess, so I took some forgotten Apophysis-made fractals, found while digging around in my old data discs, and re-imagined them.

Here are three fractals I used (the first two are several years old and, actually, incomplete):




Here are the speed-scapes I came up with, each with one of the above fractals as a base:

Beautiful Monster by Karissa Cole 2013 ea1701

Bedtime Story by Karissa Cole 2013 ea1701

Strange Happenings by Karissa Cole 2013 ea1701

They’re a bit rough around the edges, as most of my speed works are. I’m horribly impatient, and it shows. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive, too, and somehow both traits come into play when I work digitally. This, if left unchecked, then causes complete and total insanity. See, one part of my head is rushing to get done its brilliant idea, while the other part is freaking out about the little details being wrong. The impatient part often wins out, but the OCD part never shuts up.

Anyway, I had been toying with the idea of working on these a bit more this afternoon, in a attempt to pacify the obsessive bit of my brain that needs things “just so”. I’m trapped in the middle of a blizzard right now, so working on the computer is definitely a decent way to pass the time. And I’ve actually got a few other spacescapes ideas I’d love to play out. But I’m thinking I’ll do that later. Right now might be a good opportunity to put on some Next Generation and work on a new amigurumi pattern I’ve been trying to get done for a good month now, but just haven’t had much luck with yet.

Although, what with this being the biggest blizzard in thirty years (as is what they’re calling this snowstorm here in my neck of the woods) maybe I should work on knitting an afghan instead. You know, in case we lose power and are trapped inside our frostbitten little house for days on end, with no hope of rescue, no way to tunnel back out into the world. Then at least I’d have a huge, hand-made blanket to hide in, savoring as much heat as possible.

Knit fast, die warm, and all that.

Of course, seeing as how the snowfall is still below knee-level, I’m probably safe to just stick with working on some amigurumi today.

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