Sometimes Pineapples Are Boring

I was taking a picture of a pineapple- “the perfect pineapple” I was assured by the seller- but I just couldn’t really get into it, a photo-shoot kind of mood. Still, I snapped a few anyway, opened up Photoshop and started to mess around with the vague pineapple-esque idea that had been floating around in my head.

But it was boring.

So, after shoving that aside, and somewhere between flipping through recommended pages on StumbleUpon and munching on my much loved Junior Mints, I opened up a photo of myself in Photoshop. I had been trying to take a new self-portrait the other day, as I have no good ones past a year ago. Most of the photos came out terrible. The one I opened was no exception. I’m really better off behind the camera. But, for some reason that I honestly can’t remember now, probably boredom, I started messing around with the picture. Before I realized what I was doing or had time to question my intentions or reasoning, I had this:

Digital Girl by Karissa Cole 2013

Adobe Photoshop CS4. Soft round brush + mouse.

I think I kind of have crazy eyes going on here. I warned you, I’m not photogenic.

No great piece of art, admittedly. But it is a self-portrait/digital painting of me. So there we go, a face to go with the rambling posts I do so love to write! Now when you read something silly or creative or funny or annoying or cute or weird, well, you’ll know what the clearly mentally unbalanced writer looks like. Granted, there are photos of me floating around this site and my deviantART gallery, but this is the first one from this year. More important than that, this is the first painting I’ve ever done like this. I’m a bit proud. Of course, when I look at all the amazing artists out there I feel like a little girl showing off her sloppy finger painting. But finger painting is lots of fun and a good way to experiment. So that’s something.

For the painting, I opted to keep the soft kind of style. Actually, it’s probably pretty darn clear that realism was not something I had in mind. I had made the image a bit sharper, but I couldn’t help but prefer the softer, limited detail look. Not sure why, really.

Working in Photoshop when the mood hits is almost always really enjoyable. But trying something new and getting a feeling of success makes things even better. I’m still trying to keep myself busy, keep my mind away from the melancholy that sets in when I think too much. I want to try painting some more. Already have a few ideas in mind. Of course, sometimes it feels like I have so many ideas I just can’t get them all out and done and in an orderly manner like I’d like. You know what they say: So much to do, so little attention span.

    • Chris
    • April 5th, 2013

    My…jaw….is…on…the…floor…….and to think this beautiful woman used to sit next to me in art class…

    • I have to admit, this was a nice comment to come home and see. And those were good times, I think :]

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