To-Do List

Whenever I make a new post I tend to scroll down the front face of my blog, glancing at past posts, widgets, the site setup in action, all that stuff. This is pretty much pure vanity, of course. But I’m cool with that. When I posted my “Beautiful Lie” photo set the other day, as I was performing my habitual blog-scroll, I happened to glance at the calendar feature I’ve got over there. I really have no right to be so stunned, but coming to the realization that we were already more than a week into the month of July felt a bit like witnessing a distant explosion (but with a little bit less horror than that situation would incur, I think). I just kind of stared at the calendar, wide-eyed, unmoving, trying to process what I saw. Honestly, I had a holy-hannah-we’re-already-in-July-how-did-I-not-notice-this-before kind of moment.

Anyway, because there are so many great things I want to accomplish, this whole little episode has spurred me to create a to-do list:

Summer 2013 to do list

Admittedly, this was kind of just for fun, but it does serve as a legitimate reminder of the projects I’ve got loosely planned. Some things, if I don’t write it down, I will forget. (Speaking of which, I mentioned a dinosaur amigurumi a little while back. I am happy to announce that two dinosaurs have been completed, one pink and one green! I won’t be posting the pattern though, as, although the pattern is uniquely mine, the actual design rights belong to someone else. Out of respect for them I will not post pictures without their approval.)

Not everything is on this list, but it’s a start. It’s also not really in any kind of order. Tonight, though, I do hope to start setting up for my “the Day of the Octopuses” amigurumi pattern and story post. I am a terrible procrastinator though. This will undoubtedly come around to haunt me at some point…

Anyway. Octopuses later, that is my plan.  And tomorrow I hope to make another photo set post. I think my friends are getting tired of constantly seeing my flower-themed pictures, but I can’t seem to help myself. And actually, I’m not gonna even try.

  1. I’m very excited for the octopi! I want to crochet something for my swim teacher and they would be perfect, as long as I can make one before the end of next week. ;) I will hopefully be buying the cephalopod pattern too if I can scrounge up some cash.

    You are already doing better than me on getting things done, because you have a to-do list and I do not. ;)

    • Thanks! I’ve already done up the first prototype, but it didn’t come out quite octopus enough so I’m already onto the second draft. So far it’s going well, so, hopefully it doesn’t take too long for me to post it :) I don’t know yet when the cephalopod pattern will be released but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be too expensive :)

    • Amibeginner
    • August 5th, 2013

    I think you might have forget to put the bat pattern on the list :P

    • Nope, not a summer to-do project ;)

        • Amibeginner
        • August 6th, 2013

        Alright then, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer! :)

      • Hopefully I can make it worth the wait :)

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