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A Colorful Life

I can remember once when I was about 10 or so, my school teacher gave the class an assignment wherein we had to list out things we were thankful for. Like every other kid, my list consisted of things like my family, my favorite animals, and my favorite food. But there was one thing at the top of my list that no others had: color. For as far back as I can remember color’s been important to me.

I think if I had to make a list today full of all the things I was grateful for, color would still be on the top of it. The other day I was thinking about this, and started taking and gathering all the photographs in my inventory that featured the bright colors I love. I’ve gotta say, gathering them all this afternoon was a really good excuse to procrastinate doing laundry…

But here they are, my love of colors, laid out pixel by pixel:

Ode to Color by Karissa Cole 2013

row 1: Colored pencils • Prismacolor markers from art class • Mini-markers from an art kit (I had sooooo many art kits growing up)

row 2: Amigurumi Inventory Day • Water drop on a CD • An abstract light reflection

row 3: Crayons (these never go out of style) • Nail polish (I’ve got a stash of pretties for my crafty uses) • A CD (pretty easy to tell I love these things for more than just their storage capacity)

row 4: A random doodle page from my sketch book • A CD looked at through a water bottle (a totally by accident shot I captured during a late-night dinner) • Colored pens (no note-to-self is ever lacking color)

row 5: More colored pencils • The front of a graduation card I gave • A random doodle page from my sketch book

I don’t think I ever get tired of enjoying pretty colors. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for a rainbow. If I were a super hero, that’d totally be my weakness.. Dude, that would make a hilarious weakness for a hero.. xD

Set the Clocks

Hello lovelies ♥

I’m feeling remarkably un-witty at present (although I do feel a bit warm and fuzzy, clearly). Normally I’d try to come up with some sort of snappy comment to introduce this latest piece but… yeah, I got nothing. So…

Set the Clocks by Karissa Cole 2013

“Set the Clocks” – my most recent celestial ‘scape. Earlier this morning I had a free hour (thank you insomnia) and I figured, since I haven’t done too much space art lately (thanks to digital art thieves taking my work and distributing it without my consent), well I thought I ought to get my feet wet again. I think I like how it came out. It might be low on pizzazz, but, I’m thinking it still works.

My work from earlier this year, “The State of Dreaming” was graciously featured as a Daily Deviation the other day, on deviantART (to my great surprise), and it’s kind of spurred me to continue dabbling in the art.

The State of Dreaming by Karissa Cole 2013

Sometimes I look at my digital work and I just can’t believe anyone out there actually likes it. But then I try to remind myself there’s no point in questioning a good thing, no matter how nonsensical it might be :)

Anyway, it’s probably safe to say I’ve got my head in the clouds today…or, mayhaps… in space…

Changes to Come

Changes to Come by Karissa Cole 2013 all rights reserved

Fall is in the air, my friends! Well, actually, there are a lot of allergens in the air, and a little bit of smog, but, you know what I mean.

There’s a little bit of summer still left to see, but sure enough the leaves have already started to change, the air has cooled, and of course, school is back in session. And now that I’m working again, it means I’m back to the books, fueling my nerdiness by tutoring math every day.

For me fall is all about getting cozy, enjoying the crisp air, and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning ’cause it’s so nice and comfy under the covers. I really haven’t done too much fall-related photography before, so maybe I can add that to my list of things to enjoy this season :)

the Sad Cephalopod – pattern now available!

It might take me a while, but I get things done! I introduced my Sad Cephalopod amigurumi back in June, and now the crochet pattern is available in my etsy shop :)

To welcome this pattern, let me introduce to you Maestro, the newest squid to join the ranks:


He’s the result of the final pattern test, to make sure the directions were all clear and accurate. Only took me about an hour to make. And I have to admit, I am completely in love with this color. It’s Loops & Threads Impeccable Brights: Sunny Day. I had to restrain myself from buying the entire stock last time I was at Michaels.

Anyway, I’m completely and totally new to this whole selling concept, so bear with me. It’ll take me a little while to get the hang of online shops and whatnot. But I’ll figure it out. (Thanks in advance for sticking with me :D). If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

Now, although I’ve finally got an Etsy shop, I want to make sure it’s clear that I will still be offering free patterns right here on this blog. Making some extra money by selling patterns is cool with me, but I still hope to make the majority of my patterns free for all you totally awesome ami makers out there :)

The Cephalopod is actually pretty simple to make, and the pattern has all the information you need to guide you through to making your very own lovable squid :)

the Sad Cephalopod amigurumi pattern etsy listing

Now, go snag your own copy and get to squid-making!

Bad mood and pretty things.

I have just had a terrible evening and am now in an incredibly bad mood. But I will pause my angry rampaging long enough to share with you the pretty things I made in Apophysis 7x earlier today. That way I can look back on this day in the future and remember that at least something good came from it

Pretty things (I think they are, anyway):

"Puddles" © 2013

“Puddles” © 2013

"the Making of Potion no. 5" © 2013

“the Making of Potion no. 5” © 2013

"Expedition Day 12" © 2013

“Expedition Day 12” © 2013

This last one, “Expedition Day 12,” is my favorite of the ones I made today. I may explore the techniques I used in that one some more. Tomorrow, maybe. Right now I shall now return to the brooding and and bad moodiness I was so enjoying before. May the happy sprites find me soon and take away all my pissedoffedness.

Until then.

Au revoir


PDOY image copyright Karissa Cole 2013

It just occurred to me: the ratio of time I spend looking at creative things to the time I spend actually pursuing creative things is incredibly skewed. Seriously. I spend way too much time on Pinterest saying “I could do that!” and far too little time actually doing anything. Actually, it’s a bit laughable. But I try to chalk all that time up to creating a to-do list and deriving inspiration. Of course, there are so many things I’ve got to do already. My to-do list is pretty staggering these days.

As part of my ongoing endeavor to be more creative, I’m smack-dab in the middle of a super secret art project as we speak. Well, we’re not speaking. And technically I’m typing at this exact moment. But you get my meaning. Hopefully..

Anyway. I was doing some work with this particular project when I sort of tumbled into another one. Just a little thing. For some reason I started thinking, whatever is to be possible in our lives depends almost entirely on what we’re willing to do. Sometimes things only seem impossible because we’re looking at them from too far away. You’ve got to move closer to what you want, take those steps, and then, I think, you’ll find it’s no longer impossible. Limits be damned; nothing should stop you from at least trying.

That was my little thought detour of the day.

Of course, I rode on this train of thought on an empty stomach, and it is highly possible that once I eat lunch I’ll realize I was making no sense whatsoever. We’ll see.


Out for a Walk

Lately I’ve been feeling really bad about how little I’ve actually gotten done this summer, creatively speaking. I’ve got this terribly bad habit of coming up with great ideas and announcing them to everyone, and then getting distracted or time-crunched and not following through.

Every now and then this realization creeps up on me and pretty much eats away at my soul. So, you know, here I am. I feel an intense need to apologize for that. And I definitely want to apologize for those who are still patiently waiting for my Sad Cephalopd pattern! I do still plan to release it. First I need to get an etsy store up and running and I did not plan on my personal life going completely berserk and interfering with all things good in my world. So big sorry out there for making promises and taking too long to provide results. All I can say is I do still plan to do all I’ve said I would (even including the yeti pattern and story from the beginning of this year, back when my life first started circling the drain). But it will all (obviously) take me too stikin’ long, or at least longer than I had hoped. That’s like a disease with me.. No, you know what it is? Some people have really fast metabolisms. I have a freakishly low metabolism, but when it comes to time, I apparently break that down at ridiculous speeds. I mean, give me an hour and it goes right through me.

Anyway. Photos! Nothing fancy here. These are from my I Just Happened to be Near Something Pretty photography collection. Weather permitting, going out for an after dinner walk by myself has been pretty relaxing. I’ve got this delightful fixation with the sky, day, night, sunset, so I made sure to bring my camera with me when I went. Because it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep due to this unreasonably overactive, overly ambitious, and overly stressed about being unemployed brain, I decided to post a few of the photos I’ve taken during my short treks this summer.

© Karissa Cole all rights reserved © Karissa Cole all rights reserved 822013 1 by Karissa Cole 2013 © Karissa Cole all rights reserved © Karissa Cole all rights reserved 2013 © Karissa Cole all rights reserved 2013 © Karissa Cole all rights reserved Walk4by KarissaCole2013

So, at least I can say I haven’t been completely dormant this summer. I’ve just been remarkably slow so as to appear unmoving. But I shall continue pressing forward! I’ve made a pledge to no longer announce future projects unless I am completely certain I can release them within a reasonable amount of time. I figure this will work out for the best. Whenever I release a new pattern, photomanipulation, ‘scape, tutorial, fractal, or whathaveyou, it will be a pleasant surprise to everyone. And, barring any unlikely major life roadblocks, I will continue releasing my little bits of artistic efforts :)

Wish me good luck. Think I need it.

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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