Out for a Walk

Lately I’ve been feeling really bad about how little I’ve actually gotten done this summer, creatively speaking. I’ve got this terribly bad habit of coming up with great ideas and announcing them to everyone, and then getting distracted or time-crunched and not following through.

Every now and then this realization creeps up on me and pretty much eats away at my soul. So, you know, here I am. I feel an intense need to apologize for that. And I definitely want to apologize for those who are still patiently waiting for my Sad Cephalopd pattern! I do still plan to release it. First I need to get an etsy store up and running and I did not plan on my personal life going completely berserk and interfering with all things good in my world. So big sorry out there for making promises and taking too long to provide results. All I can say is I do still plan to do all I’ve said I would (even including the yeti pattern and story from the beginning of this year, back when my life first started circling the drain). But it will all (obviously) take me too stikin’ long, or at least longer than I had hoped. That’s like a disease with me.. No, you know what it is? Some people have really fast metabolisms. I have a freakishly low metabolism, but when it comes to time, I apparently break that down at ridiculous speeds. I mean, give me an hour and it goes right through me.

Anyway. Photos! Nothing fancy here. These are from my I Just Happened to be Near Something Pretty photography collection. Weather permitting, going out for an after dinner walk by myself has been pretty relaxing. I’ve got this delightful fixation with the sky, day, night, sunset, so I made sure to bring my camera with me when I went. Because it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep due to this unreasonably overactive, overly ambitious, and overly stressed about being unemployed brain, I decided to post a few of the photos I’ve taken during my short treks this summer.

© Karissa Cole all rights reserved © Karissa Cole all rights reserved 822013 1 by Karissa Cole 2013 © Karissa Cole all rights reserved © Karissa Cole all rights reserved 2013 © Karissa Cole all rights reserved 2013 © Karissa Cole all rights reserved Walk4by KarissaCole2013

So, at least I can say I haven’t been completely dormant this summer. I’ve just been remarkably slow so as to appear unmoving. But I shall continue pressing forward! I’ve made a pledge to no longer announce future projects unless I am completely certain I can release them within a reasonable amount of time. I figure this will work out for the best. Whenever I release a new pattern, photomanipulation, ‘scape, tutorial, fractal, or whathaveyou, it will be a pleasant surprise to everyone. And, barring any unlikely major life roadblocks, I will continue releasing my little bits of artistic efforts :)

Wish me good luck. Think I need it.

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