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Joyful Rain

I really, really don’t like rainstorms…

Joyful Rain by Karissa Cole 2014

but I can still appreciate that they’ve got their upside.

These sweet little splashes of colors were a nice diversion from an otherwise grey day :)

I have absolutely no idea -or at least not much of one- as far as what these flowers are called. But the yellowish one, on the left there, was huge and completely gorgeous. There were only two of them that managed to survive through the incredibly brutal rain that mercilessly pounded and pummeled everything in its path all day long. But I’m really glad they made it. I didn’t even know these flowers were in bloom until I stumbled upon them today completely by accident. I was in love when I saw them. Honestly, this one yellow spurt of sunshine was probably about the size of my head. I guess I should’ve done a longshot or something for a size comparison. But, then, my photographic skills aren’t nearly refined enough to even capture little upclose goodness, let alone full shots. Still, I’m pretty please to have captured a look at these lovelies. I can save them to look back at whenever I may need.



School’s Out

Sometime last week I saw some fair, new flowers while out and about and vowed I’d bring my camera with me next time I was in the area…..Naturally, I completely forgot to bring said camera when I went out this morning. I can recite to you the first couple dozen digits of pi, but do you think I’d be able to remember to pack my camera for once? Of course not. That would be too practical.

Sarcasm aside, as luck would have it someone I was with today had a little point-and-shoot and offered to let me use it. Admittedly nothing fancy but I thought hey it’s better than nothing :)

School's Out

I like to be able to take pictures of what I’ve see, just so I can always remember where I’ve been – even if it was only across town.

Monday, July 14th, 2014

today I bring you REASONS I LOVE MY CAT:
(an excerpt from a much larger list)

• It looks like he’s wearing fluffy pants when he runs down the stairs and it’s adorable
• He is super soft and likes to (frequently) remind me of this fact by randomly shoving his head at various parts of my person
• During the summer he often melts into a puddle of complete cuteness on my bedroom floor:


I’ve found that the length my cat stretches out to on my wood floor is directly proportional to the temperature outside. It’s been pretty warm the past coupe of days. Yesterday was sweltering enough to cause my fat, fluffy spoothead to spread out on the floor all day long, shifting every few minutes to find a cooler spot. Naturally I started snapping photos and documenting.

Monday, July 14th, 2014 ea1701 2

Normal people take pictures of their kids, their family, their friends..But me? I constantly take and blog pictures of my cats. If I weren’t so distracted by the fuzzy feline cuteness I might worry about the fact that I’m already a crazy, single, cat-lady all before my twenty-fifth birthday, but, I mean, come on. HE’S SO CUTE.


Reaching Out For


Reaching Out mini draft 1 by Karissa Cole 2014

I actually had a spare moment on the computer tonight so decided to give this a whirl. I am sooo out of practice. Spoot.

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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