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Craft Overload

I just found this site. The awesome is completely overwhelming the crafty bits of my brain. There will be no sleep for days now.

Amigurumi Dragon Trio

Amigurumi Dragon Trio

My latest amigurumi venture is finished: a trio of baby dragons. Honestly, how much cuter could an almost completely useless item be?

Completed with some Red Heart worsted weight yarn, a size 8 crochet hook, and a few pairs of safety eyes, these dragons took about two weeks or so for me to start and finish. Mostly because around the end of the second one, I hurt my wrist (excessive crochet: who knew it could be so dangerous?)

I couldn’t say what it was that made me want to make a dragon. But at some point I came across this free crochet pattern and decided to try to make myself a little mythical creature of my own. Although, I didn’t actually follow Shannen’s pattern; I just based my own design on her’s. The most noticeable difference between patterns I think are the wings, the specs for which I think I’ll write down and post (if I’m able to remember it that is.)

I’ve got a pretty sizable yarn stash so I’m often churning out little things like these dragons, thus slowly eating away at my stores of colorful fiber. When searching for the right yarn to make my first baby dragon I plucked a skein of soft gold from my collection. It was a color I rarely used so I thought it’d be perfect. Soon I had made the little yellow dragon. Upon finishing him though, I, for some reason, decided to make the blue one. I must’ve just been in a yarn-dragon zone because, really, no sooner had I finished my first was I on to my second. And once that one was finished I thought, well I can’t very well have just two, and since I already had blue and yellow, well red seemed like the next logical choice. Completing my primary color group of baby dragons was the red dragon. Now I had three. And because I didn’t really stick to a pattern, each is different in their own way.And I (being the big geek I am) decided also to name each of these. Although, really they sort of named themselves:
While making the yellow one I was thinking about the name William and how it seemed like a good name. So that’s what I thought I’d call my yellow dragon. Later on in the creation, when I was getting ready to put him all together, I happened to watch the first episode of Murdoch Mysteries, my first encounter with the show. I thought it was kind of funny that I had named my dragon Will and then finished making said dragon while watching a show whose main character’s name is William. Well, I happened to end up liking this Murdoch Mysteries show and I was watching it while I started in on my second dragon. George Crabtree quickly came to be my favorite character, so I thought I’d name my newest blue dragon Tree, in honor of the constable. Then I figured that I couldn’t in good conscience leave Brackenreid out, so I made the third and final red dragon (also made while watching the show) and in honor of the inspector named him Reid.So, clockwise, starting at the top, the names of my dragons are: Reid, Will, and TreeBefore you ask, yes, I do fully and completely admit to being a geek.

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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