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What’s it Like

There's a pretty picture of some yellowish leaves here. It's pretty. Trust me.More pretty yellowy leaves.

What’s it look like where you live?

This leaf is red. And I have no idea if it's upside down or not. THESE LEAVES ARE RED AND ORANGE

P.S. Been hibernating.


Beach 1 by Karissa Cole 2015 all rights reserved

The best part about visiting a beach in January is that no one else is stupid enough to visit a beach in January.

Beach 2  by Karissa Cole 2015 all rights reserved Beach 8

Except for this one guy, standing in the frigid water throwing his net out repeatedly. It’s roughly -11°F back home, so I know a little about being cold. But how this guy could stand in the ocean, clad in only a t-shirt and shorts, I cannot fathom.

Beach 9 by Karissa Cole 2015 all rights reserved

But whatever makes you happy :)


Little Lights

Lake Eola 2015 1  copyright 2015 Karissa Cole Lake Eola 2015 5  copyright 2015 Karissa Cole Lake Eola 2015 7  copyright 2015 Karissa Cole

Couldn’t get the nice clear skyline shot I wanted so what’s a girl to do but roll with it. BOKEH BABY.

At the Airport

Airport sunset 5 Karissa Cole 2014

I’m in love with the colors of sunset.

Airport sunset 1 Karissa Cole 2014Airport sunset 3 Karissa Cole 2014

There’s a small airport a few miles from where I live. Its big open field is a great place to watch the sunset, which is precisely what I did yesterday. I pass this airfield on my way home from work every day and I’ve wanted to stop and watch the sunset for a while. I finally got my chance :)

Airport sunset 4 Karissa Cole 2014

Gold in the Wood

It’s. Getting. Cooooold. Not sure what it’s like in your part of the world, but here in mine winter seems to be coming up, fast. (I have mixed feelings about this.) Despite living in a winter-wonderland-prone state for my entire life, for some reason my tolerance for the cold has gone way down this past year. So I figure pretty soon I won’t be able to hit my trail after work, at least not until I am in possession of a bodysuit capable of maintaining my ideal body temperature while still flattering my relatively adorable figure.

Anyway, barring some unlikely shift in the weather that increases the outside temp by about 30 degrees, this will probably be my last real walk-the-nature-trail-and-shoot-some-pictures-0f-pretty-nature-things-just-for-fun-after-work walk, until spring rolls around.. Wow. It sounds kind of pitiful now that I actually say it..

SO. On to the photos I took:

Gold in the Wood Karissa Cole 2014 2
Gold in the Wood Karissa Cole 2014 6

I sort of lost feeling in my fingers for a little bit. (I really may need to invest in a pair of gloves soon…) I mean, in retrospect it might’ve been better if I hadn’t gone out walking after work; it turned out to be much colder than I had anticipated. And I am not okay with the whole shorter days thing yet. I underestimated how quickly it would get dark. Good thing there were streetlights…

Gold in the Wood Karissa Cole 2014 3

But I think the walk  was worth it.

Oh, also, this isn’t really a trees-and-sun-flares photography blog, honest. I just, you know…like them I guess.

Gold in the Wood Karissa Cole 2014 4
Gold in the Wood Karissa Cole 2014 5

Because they’re cool :)

le sigh

Fall photo by Karissa Cole 2014

Really love the colors of the fallen leaves. So pretty.



I’ve got a bit of a crush on lens flares.

Crush 2014 Karissa C 2Crush 2014 Karissa C 4Crush 2014 Karissa C 1

I’ve been trying to soak up as much sunshine as I can this summer. Well, not literally. I’m still as white as snow. (My coworkers don’t call me Snow White because I talk to animals. At least, that’s not the only reason.)  I just really love the summer sun, and I want it to last forever. My relationship with winter has relatively recently turned sour, and I’ve really been dreading its return. I kind of wish I could extend this season, summer, just a little longer. It’s been nice so far, it just seems to be running out too fast.

Most of my projects- digital art, crochet patterns, and the like- have been back-burnered in favor of just coasting through the summer days, trying to enjoy it while I can. I’m not quite ready to give of my summer vacation yet. And I figure since fall doesn’t officially arrive for another month I don’t have to.


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