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Hello friends!

I must apologize for my seemingly rude behavior of late. I am so sorry I have not been responding to your comments, questions, and emails! Besides losing access to my email and login information, I have been dealing with some off internet things that are consuming more of my time than I would like. I am not ceasing my creative pursuits, though. I only consider this a hiatus.

In the meantime, I’m back on a fresh PC and have access to my WordPress site again (of course) so if you wish to keep leaving comments and/or questions please feel free! I will still be checking in as often as I can!


Keep creating,


Wondering Winter

Hi all! Things have been super crazy in my life lately (what else is new), so I haven’t been able to blog in a little while. (It’s also taking me a bit longer to respond to messages, so if you don’t hear back from me, don’t hesitate to shoutout again!)

My work winds down in a few days, and then I’m due for some R&R. After that I ought to be right back here with a new amigurumi pattern, some photos, and few other new things I’ve added to my infinitely expanding hobbies and interests lists.

For now I just wanted to say I hope everyone’s having a cozy winter so far, even though, I guess, it’s not technically winter yet…where I live though, it sure feels like winter. Snowstorms have already begun making their appearances, and it’s only the beginning. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong part of the world!

Anyway, a few chilly nights ago I turned around from working at my desk to find this:

Sleepy Murry - © Karissa Cole

Murry, sleeping under his blanket on the bed – He fancied a nap and so crawled under the blanket himself and snoozed away!

It may just be because I’m a natural born cat-person, and I’ve raised this little guy with the big feet from the time he was just 4 weeks old, but this sight just warmed my tired heart and I figured it was something I could share. Even if it’s not warm outside, this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

Happy December!


I’m typically not one to get hyped up about the dawn of a new year. I don’t give much contemplation to the year beginning and I don’t do much reminiscing about the one ending. Every day’s just another day to me. Before you think jeepers what a dull outlook, let me expound upon my viewpoint: The way I see it, each day -whether it’s at the beginning of the year, the end, or somewhere in the middle- brings with it the possibility for change, for excellence and for new things. I don’t need a specific date to show up on my calendar for these things.

But for once something’s got me thinking about this past year, and everything that’s happened. For some reason I sort of want to send this year off right. I think because 2012 was full of so much more than I think I had expected: craziness and creativity, innovations and irritations, new patterns and old ideas, silly stories and celestial exploration; colorful photos and cute cats, random designs and ridiculous posters; deadlines, new jobs and old jobs,calculations, learning and teaching, trying and thinking, figuring, slacking, sneaking, illustrating, living and loving, laughing and growing.

Needless to say not everything this year had been great, but I think I’ll manage to come out of it with plenty of good things. In honor of all those good things, or at least the art and design related good things, I made up a 2012 project collage (click to view larger):

a look at 2012 on the ea1701 blog 6

Here’s to 2012; you really weren’t the greatest of years, but we sure had some good times together. Thanks go out to all those who shared the year with me, too; You’ve made the bad times tolerable and the good times even better.

Get ready for more craziness, creativity, and who knows what else to come in 2013. Because I’m just getting started.


Make sure you haven’t missed any of the good stuff! Check out some of the biggest projects of the year:

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new Look, new Name, new Logo

So as it turns out, yesterday, I apparently renamed my blog. exastris1701 is now ea1701. I’m still not too sure how that happened. I remember messing around with the theme, color scheme, and page headers. . .  after that it gets a bit fuzzy. As far as I know I didn’t mean to change the name. But it’s done now and it looks like there’s no turning back.

The site’s getting a makeover this week: links are being updated, pages are being polished. There’s a new color scheme in play and several  new banners, displayed at random, now adorn each page. In honor of all this “new” I’ve decided to create a logo.

Here’s my first prototype:

ea1701 logo prototype

Clearly my logo design skills (if you can call this skill) still need to be honed. That’s the one thing I never really learned in school. That and typography. But I think I’ve already devoted part of a post to the nightmarish typo class I took last year. No need to rehash.

I think I may stuff Browsing the Internet for Interesting Logo Design Ideas – something I without a doubt need – somewhere onto my brimming with creative things (as usual) To-Do List. It’s not exactly a hot need or anything, but I still think it could stand to head the list. This logo thing can sit not too far behind my almost finished short story/amigurumi design combo and animal themed cupcakes.


Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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