Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If the question you have isn’t listed here please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message with your query :)


Q: Do you have a video tutorial on [some crochet technique or pattern]?

A: Currently I do not have any crochet videos or tutorials. I do have walkthrough photos detailing steps needed for specific patterns of mine, but overall, no I don’t have any tutorials. One of my favorite video crochet resource is PlanetJune’s Crochet Tutorials (not affiliated with ea1701).  If you have a question about increasing, decreasing, working in the round, amigurumi, striping, etc. there are some super easy to follow videos available. I highly recommend checking them out :)

Q: Can I sell the finished product made from one of your amigurumi patterns?

A: The short and simple answer no. (Unless you’re planning to sell a product for strictly charitable purposes, in which case see “Can I sell [product from your amigurumi pattern] if I plan to donate all proceeds to [specific charity]” below.)

I don’t mean to sound like the bad guy here, but most of my patterns are offered freely; I do not make a profit and I ask that others please respect me and my work by following suit. The legal jargon involved in this is as follows:

Why I have the right to restrict selling items from my patterns:
According to http://www.copyright.gov “Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture….Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, systems, or methods of doing something. You may express your ideas in writing or drawings and claim copyright in your description, but be aware that copyright will not protect the idea itself as revealed in your written or artistic work.”

According to this, then, while I cannot claim copyright on the idea of making an amugurumi whale, the specific way in which I have made this whale (the design) as seen in my pattern can indeed be and is protected by copyright. Therefore, since the design of the work is copyrighted, any recreate of my design is still protected under my copyright. For example, if someone were to produce a unique painting this painting would be copyrighted to the original artist. No one would be able to recreate this painting and sell it without first gaining the artist’s permission.

In addition, under the heading “What Works Are Protected?” at http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ01.pdf, sculptural works are clearly listed. The word sculpture is defined as “the art of carving, modeling, welding, or otherwise producing figurative or abstract works of art in three dimensions;” this would include 3 dimensional works such as those made with yarn. It is clear that the things I make (amigurumi) are considered creative works, and as such are automatically copyrighted. And because I have expressed my methods (description, ideas) in writing in a completely unique way, I am able to claim copyright on said description, as indicated earlier from the http://www.copyright.gov posting.

So, now it is clear that my pattern can be copyrighted as well as the design. A copyrighted pattern gives me the authority to choose how the pattern is distributed. A copyrighted design gives me the authority to decide how the design is used. Therefore, if I do not wish for someone to sell my design, I have that right, just like the creator of a painting an refuse to let someone copy that painting and sell the copy if they so choose.
Which leads us to copyright infringement. An example of copyright infrnegement would be using a creative work commercially without permission. Since it has already been established that the written description of my design and the final product are considered creative works, selling either of these without my permission (which I do not give) is copyright infringement.

For further explanation, take note of the “How do I protect my recipe” question found at http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-protect.html#what_protect:
“How do I protect my recipe?
A mere listing of ingredients is not protected under copyright law. However, where a recipe or formula is accompanied by substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions, or when there is a collection of recipes as in a cookbook, there may be a basis for copyright protection.”

Using this as an example, if I were to merely list the things necessary to make an amigurumi whale (the ingredents) this would not be protected by copyright law. However, since a crochet pattern is a formula, much like a recipe, and is accompanied by literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions there may be a basis for copyright law.

Please also note that according to http://www.copyright.gov “[a persons’s] work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device….In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created.” This means that a person does not need to register or have any legal documentation to obtain a copyright.

Basically, I just ask that people please keep in mind that I have created these patterns on my own time and have shared them freely. I make no profit whatsoever, either from my designs or this blog, and I am simply asking that you respect this fact. I truly appreciate those who are kind and considerate enough to comply with this little request :)

Q: Can I sell [product from your amigurumi pattern] if I plan to donate all proceeds to [specific charity]?

A: Selling handmade items has long been a helpful way to raise money for various charities and organizations. If there is anything I can do to help a worthy cause, then I’d be more than happy to!

Please, if you are interested in using items you’ve made from one of my patterns for raising money, contact me and let me know::

• Your contact information.
• Information regarding your charity, such as the name of the organization, location, website address (if applicable), and purpose.
• Details regarding what pattern you’d like to use.

I will then gladly get back to you as soon as possible with all the necessary info, and also send you a printable tag you can attach to the finished amigurumis you plan to sell stating that the original design and free pattern are available on this blog.

Q: I saw [photograph] on your site that would be great for my [album cover, poster, design project, etc.]. Can I use it?

A: The general rule is no, none of the artistic works I create and share are made available for commercial use, profit or non-profit. (Note that this does not necessarily apply to the stock work I have specifically uploaded to my deviantART gallery.) The photographs I take and upload to this blog are a hobby of mine, not a business, so they really aren’t suited for anything other than observing and maybe drawing inspiration from. However, if you are absolutely positive that one of my photos would be completely suited to your project, you are welcome to contact me with all the details and we can discuss it further. I always say, there’s no harm in asking, but there might just be harm in not asking :)

Q: Can I use your [digital art piece] for my [album cover, poster, design project, website, banner etc.]

A: This answer is basically the same as above. Finished digital art pieces of mine (including but not limited to illustrations, digital painting, photo-manipulations, and fractal/abstract art) are simply provided under a look but don’t take policy. This blog is pretty much my own personal gallery of finished works. People are welcome to look if they wish, but I prefer nothing be taken.


Q: Do you take commisions?

A: I’m always willing to hear a request, whether they be amigurumi or design related , and I’ll let you know if I can meet your needs :)

Q: How much would you charge for [amigurumi/digital design]?

A: Prices for a custom amigurumi pattern or completed item will vary, depending on the materials required. Let me know what you’d like and I’ll let you know how much time and effort it requires. I’ll lay out all the information for you, and you can decided if you’d like to proceed.

As far as digital work goes: If you request a super simple piece (e.g. minor photo alteration, basic fractal art, etc) it probably won’t cost you a thing. Just let me know what you need and if it’s a quick, commercial-free job I’m happy to do it for you! The price of more complex pieces (e.g. high def photographs, high resolution digital paintings meant for printing, full-size poster, album art, logo design, etc.) will depend heavily on the time needed for such piece and the tools required. Put simply: the cost will depend on what you need.

Q: Would you tell me how you made [thing I saw in one of your posts]?

A: If you see something I’ve posted here and you would like to know some specifics feel free to leave a comment or send a message! :)

Q: I saw your [artwork and/or amigurumi design] and I’d like to try something similar.

If you want to try something similar to what you’ve seen around here, feel free! Just be sure to give credit to this blog for the original posting. For instance, if you’re interested in making images like these  or creations like these just be sure to let others know you got the idea here :)

Q: Where do you get your ideas from?

A: Sometimes my train of thought takes some interesting routes and I simply end up at something interesting (like my Sad Cephalopod story or The Day of the Octopuses.) Let your mind wander and you can come up with some neat ideas. Other times I find awesome ideas on Pinterest that I try to build from. If ever I come up with a finished product that was inspired by the work of someone else, I will always include that information in my post (like I did here.) Seriously though, Pinterest has quickly become one of my all-time favorite sites for creative ideas and general awesomeness :D

Q: Are all of the things on this blog copyrighted?

A:  Copyright is a legal concept giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it. It gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, to determine who may adapt the work to other forms, who may perform the work, who may financially benefit from it, and other related rights.

Copyright applies to a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms, or “works”. These can include poems, theses, plays, other literary works, movies, dances, musical compositions, audio recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, software, radio and television broadcasts, industrial designs, digital designs, and graphic designs.

Contrary to popular belief, a piece does not have to be accompanied by the copyright symbol (© – the letter “C” inside a circle) in order for an artist to maintain their rights; once an original work is published, the author/creator has the rights, symbol or no symbol. This has been so since 1989 in the United States (see below).

(In 1989, the U.S. enacted the Berne Convention Implementation Act, amending the 1976 Copyright Act to conform to most of the provisions of the Berne Convention. As a result, the use of copyright notices has become optional to claim copyright, because the Berne Convention makes copyright automatic.)

Therefore, unless otherwise stated, yes all of the original content found on this blog is protected under copyright laws. This means that the content of this blog including but not limited to images and text has been created for personal, nonprofit use only. Images may be downloaded for personal, non-derivative use only. You are not authorized to print, reproduce, copy, redistribute, alter, customize, link, display, trace, use, or in any way modify any images or text without direct permission from this artist. The contents of this blog (not including links or information from third part sites) are the property of Karissa Cole/ex-astris1701 2012-2014, all rights reserved.

If you are interested in using any of my work, either the pieces found on this blog or in my deviantART gallery, for noncommercial purposes please contact me via note on deviantART with your query. Much of my work can be made available for such purposes, I just need you to communicate with me so I know what’s up.

If you are interested in using any of my work, either the pieces found on this blog or in my deviantART gallery, for commercial purposes, please likewise contact me via note on deviantART with your query. I’m often available for taking commissions.

If you’ve just sat there and read through this entire answer, you have earned a cookie :)


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