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Monday, July 14th, 2014

today I bring you REASONS I LOVE MY CAT:
(an excerpt from a much larger list)

• It looks like he’s wearing fluffy pants when he runs down the stairs and it’s adorable
• He is super soft and likes to (frequently) remind me of this fact by randomly shoving his head at various parts of my person
• During the summer he often melts into a puddle of complete cuteness on my bedroom floor:


I’ve found that the length my cat stretches out to on my wood floor is directly proportional to the temperature outside. It’s been pretty warm the past coupe of days. Yesterday was sweltering enough to cause my fat, fluffy spoothead to spread out on the floor all day long, shifting every few minutes to find a cooler spot. Naturally I started snapping photos and documenting.

Monday, July 14th, 2014 ea1701 2

Normal people take pictures of their kids, their family, their friends..But me? I constantly take and blog pictures of my cats. If I weren’t so distracted by the fuzzy feline cuteness I might worry about the fact that I’m already a crazy, single, cat-lady all before my twenty-fifth birthday, but, I mean, come on. HE’S SO CUTE.


My Week in Review

In hindsight I realize that deciding to make a full week’s worth of posts all in one was not my brightest idea ever..It’s not my dumbest idea, but it’d be on that list somewhere.

Alrighty. So, last week marked the first official day of my summer, as far as I’m concerned; Thursday, the 15th, was the last day of work for the spring semester @ school (for me anyway).  I have to say, I am ready to greet the summer (which I do realize doesn’t actually start ’til 6/21) with open arms. Tilting my face back toward the sun, enjoying the warm air, being surrounded by lush trees and greenery is something I have discovered I quite love. Of course, it would be easier for me to enjoy the warmth and the sun if, you know, it actually was warm and sunny. But the gloomy-ish weather isn’t getting me down (much). Besides, it certainly is warm. Topped near 80° today, I think.

Anyway. I had all last week off and I set out to enjoy it. I recently bought a new camera and I’ve been fussing around with it a bit. Eventually I’m sure I’ll cave and actually read the manual. But that day is far off. For now I’m content to just press buttons and see what happens. Which is pretty much what I did all during my week off, as you shall soon see.

Saturday, last weekend, turned into a pretty nice day outside. At first it was dark and overcast in the morning, but by 3:00 it was warm and sunny (yay!). I needed to take a break from the computer junk I was working with, so I went for a walk. Naturally I took my camera:

Saturday walk by Karissa Cole 2014

And, okay, I know this next pic is only a weed, BUT I THOUGHT IT LOOKED COOL:

Wicked weed Karissa Cole photos 2014

I did, though, get the chance to try photographing some legitimate flora. During the week, I was helping my mum do some work in her (rather expansive) garden. I’m really no gardener -I can tell you what color a flower is, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge and capability when it comes to plants- so I was just there to move the gigantic bags of red mulch for her, and sneak a few quick shots of the surrounding-calming- trees and whatnot afterwards.

Tree 1 by Karissa Cole 2014Outside Niceness Karissa Cole 2014

I think it was yesterday, the clouds just looked so awesome. I tried taking some photos of the sky, but, what can I say, I’m still so amateur:

Look Up by Karissa Cole 2014

I was looking straight up, so in the photo on the right you can see a bit of telephone wire and pine tree. Ooops.

At one point, when I was at my mum’s garden, she encountered a little frog (which, I quote “scared the bejeebers” out of her). She called me over so I could try taking a few photos. It’s not something I get to see everyday. He (or she, I don’t know how you tell…) was pretty cool! While lying on the ground trying to snap shots, I found myself really wishing I had read that new camera manual…:

Frog Karissa Cole 2014 ea1701

So all these shots were just taken at my folks’ house. I’m still really excited to go on a real trip of my own, to a small state park, where I can enjoy more of this kind of thing. I was at this park once before, when I was sixteen or so. There were so many flowers of all kinds of colors and variety, winding trees like something out of a fairy tale, frogs, hummingbirds, a large lake, trails…I hope it’s all still as great as I remember. I am so looking forward to being somewhere NEW, I can’t even tell  you.

Other exploits of mine last week include shopping, hanging with some friends, and other general un-artsy things that I’d prefer to write about. I did, though, get the opportunity to use my cat as a wonderful test subject for more photography. One warm evening I caught him like this on my bed:

I LOVE THIS CAT ea1701 2014

I tell you, this is one of the most irritating (nonhuman)  creatures that I have ever encountered. Just earlier today while I was working, apparently not paying enough attention to him, he jumped onto the back of my desk chair, and started playing with my hair. And by playing I mean whacking, attacking, and licking. He also, somehow, learned how to use those big mutant paws of his to tap me on the shoulder when he wants attention. He’ll stand on this back paws, reach up, and tap my arm until I pet him. He drives me mad sometimes, BUT HE’S JUST SO CUTE. Seriously, I love this cat. But I digress.

These photos of my baby man (yes, that is what I call my cat) actually printed out pretty nice so they went right in my photo journal. Which brings me to one of the other things I’ve been doing during my week off, besides playing with my camera: SMASHING. I mentioned before that I picked up papercrafting and journaling as a hobby about a year ago. It’s a nice tactile creative outlet. I did up three new pages in my book during last week.

This one is my favorite thus far:

Summer SMASH page

In a sunny mood, I went through all the photos I’ve got just sitting around in my memory box and decided to give this one here a better home. I took this flower shot last year right around now, actually. Thought it was a nice way to help kick off my own personal first week of summer.

SO. That’s where I’m at now. I feel a bit lopsided, mainly blogging silly photo posts. I haven’t done much drawing, crocheting, or digital art lately. But I can’t seem to help it. For the most part the weather’s just been too inviting to spend the day inside toiling on the computer or whatever. Hmm. Maybe I should take a sketchbook or some yarn with me next time I go for a walk…

Who knows what this upcoming summer has in store :)

Saturday Afternoon

Six years ago I found this scrawny little blue-eyed fuzz bucket on my front steps. Best damn thing I have ever had left on my doorstep, and I am a notorious online shopper, so that’s saying a lot.

Nowadays he’s by no means scrawny, and his big blue eyes have long since turned green, but he is still by far the best random gift I’ve ever gotten.

He’s got these funny little quirks, as all cats probably do, and one of them is sleeping under the blankets on my bed. Lately he’s gotten into the habit of crawling under the covers AFTER I’ve made up the linens. (I come home from work and find this giant lump in the middle of my bed.) In an effort to deter this I lots of times throw a big, black blanket down for him to cuddle under instead. Today, on what turned out to be a gloomy, cold Saturday afternoon, I walked into my bedroom to see my baby-man squished under his blankey:

Murry 532014 2

He lay on his side, holding his back feet with his giant polydactyl front paws. This guy has the most adorable giant mitten paws I have ever seen. He uses them to open doors or tap me on the shoulder if I’m not paying enough attention to him when he wants. SO CUTE. The lighting was pretty awful, but I tried grabbing a few quick shots before he fully woke up. Once he’s awake he instantly begs for food, or, if it’s later in the day, he does his best to steal my lap for another nap.

Murry 532014 1

I love this cat.


CUTENESS ALERT I will be an old crazy cat lady someday copyright Karissa Cole 2014

THE CUTENESS HERE IS OVERWHELMING. Well, for me anyway. Hence the overuse of capital letters. This here is my baby man, Murry (also known as Fluff Bucket, Poophead, and Squishee.) I’ve been taking care of him since he was abandoned on my front door at just 4 weeks old, and that was back in 2008.  I’m closer to this furball than I am most people. This leads me to believe that I will most likely end up a crazy old lady who collects paper clips and only talks to her 29 cats. I’m okay with that, though. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to smush your face into a furry kitty belly like this one? It is more wonderful than the feeling of being hugged by 10,000 baby ducks offering free cake. Seriously.

I really do adore this big cuddly ball of unbelievable sweetness. This is a fact he uses to his advantage as often as possible. See, this is his “I’ll-act-adorable-and-maybe-you’ll-feed-me” pose. (FTR: this pose always works. I can’t help it.) This morning I felt like a complete zombie; I just could not wake up. Because of this I neglected tidying up my bedding before leaving for work. I came home this afternoon to find this. Totally worth not making the bed.

Wondering Winter

Hi all! Things have been super crazy in my life lately (what else is new), so I haven’t been able to blog in a little while. (It’s also taking me a bit longer to respond to messages, so if you don’t hear back from me, don’t hesitate to shoutout again!)

My work winds down in a few days, and then I’m due for some R&R. After that I ought to be right back here with a new amigurumi pattern, some photos, and few other new things I’ve added to my infinitely expanding hobbies and interests lists.

For now I just wanted to say I hope everyone’s having a cozy winter so far, even though, I guess, it’s not technically winter yet…where I live though, it sure feels like winter. Snowstorms have already begun making their appearances, and it’s only the beginning. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong part of the world!

Anyway, a few chilly nights ago I turned around from working at my desk to find this:

Sleepy Murry - © Karissa Cole

Murry, sleeping under his blanket on the bed – He fancied a nap and so crawled under the blanket himself and snoozed away!

It may just be because I’m a natural born cat-person, and I’ve raised this little guy with the big feet from the time he was just 4 weeks old, but this sight just warmed my tired heart and I figured it was something I could share. Even if it’s not warm outside, this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

Happy December!

How to Ignore the World for a Day

How to Ignore the World for a Day by Karissa Cole

And that’s how.

Another shot of Murry, my strange little baby cat. For the life of me, I couldn’t tell you why he likes so much to crawl under my blankets and sleep the day away. (I mean, I understand the sleeping part, I’ve just never known a cat to like to sleep completely covered by comforters.)

I walked into the room today to find one of his big double paws sticking out from under the blanket I’d left strewn on the bed. I lifted up the blanket, intending to shoo him so I could take care of some cleaning, and I found this. I managed to get this shot before he fully awoke and thought I had come to feed him. I swear, if he’s not getting into my linens he’s chirping and meowing, telling me he’s hungry. Such a ham. But he’s my ham, and I love him. A fact I think he uses against me sometimes. I’ve taught him so well . . .

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday - Under the Cover by Karissa Cole

Curled under the covers, basking in the warmth of the day, and fading into a blissful sleep. . .What better way is there to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon? None that I can think of. But on a day as beautiful as this one, I’ve found a few things that are just as good. Although, Murry here doesn’t agree with me much.

I believe he’s intent on spending his afternoon just as he is.

Lazy Sunday - Under the Covers - Now Let Me Sleep by Karissa Cole

Although yawning, sleeping, dreaming, and general loafing may be going on inside, outside the world is just as fresh and alive as ever. And there’s even a bit of very new life right out the window:

Lazy Sunday - Baby Birds in Nest by Karissa Cole

Tucked deep inside the rhododendrons (so deep, in fact, my simple point-and-shoot camera turned out highly under qualified for photographing the distance) lies a magnificent nest, and tucked deep inside this lies two recently hatched baby birds. Not wanting to disturb the nest I refrained from moving the leaves, branches and twigs and instead settled for this ordinary but adequate picture of the tiny little ones. Shortly after taking the picture the mother bird hopped back to her offspring and made herself comfortable on her nest once more.

And so I turned my attention skyward, in the direction those wonderful creatures would someday go:

Lazy Sunday - Bright Blue Something by Karissa Cole

I’ve always found the sky, ever changing and always glorious, something that I could stare at for days on end. Lying back, looking up at the impossible sky, letting your mind wander and drift just as the clouds do. The best thoughts seem to float easily through the air, and all you need do is wait and let one pass by and encircle you.

Isn’t it funny, how on the laziest of days the mind can be excited and exercised more than on the busiest of busy days, and all just by slowing down?

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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