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October 3rd

Happy October 3rd!

Actually, there’s really nothing particularly special about October 3rd, save a few birthdays, deathdays and national holidays. And it hasn’t exactly been a happy day around here. But I figured starting off an entry with “Miserable October 3rd!” wouldn’t go over too well. Of course, I could’ve dispensed with an opening altogether and just posted the fall-ish photos I took today and left it at that…Which is what I’ll do now:

October third by Karissa Cole 2

LEAVES are pretty by Karissa Cole 2013
October third by Karissa Cole

I had no plans to take any photos today, so this isn’t much. But I needed some car repairs done, and while waiting I found myself just walking around outside a bit.

The leaves are so pretty. Every day when I drive to work I travel a road canopied by deciduous trees, that lately have been such a pleasant sight. I can’t remember any autumn looking this nice. No photo I could ever take would ever do it justice. All this serenity and beauty is a bit of a stark contrast to my gloomy, pitiful mood today. But I’m about to go make myself some dinner and then curl up in my favorite spot and lose myself in a good story, so I’m sure things will look up..Plus, my weekend officially starts in about 11 minutes…YES.


Changes to Come

Changes to Come by Karissa Cole 2013 all rights reserved

Fall is in the air, my friends! Well, actually, there are a lot of allergens in the air, and a little bit of smog, but, you know what I mean.

There’s a little bit of summer still left to see, but sure enough the leaves have already started to change, the air has cooled, and of course, school is back in session. And now that I’m working again, it means I’m back to the books, fueling my nerdiness by tutoring math every day.

For me fall is all about getting cozy, enjoying the crisp air, and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning ’cause it’s so nice and comfy under the covers. I really haven’t done too much fall-related photography before, so maybe I can add that to my list of things to enjoy this season :)

An Extended Family

7-10-13 by Karissa Cole 137-10-13 by Karissa Cole 4 7-10-13 by Karissa Cole 3 7-10-13 by Karissa Cole 8 7-9-13 by Karissa Cole 7 7-10-13 by Karissa Cole 12 7-10-13 by Karissa Cole 17-10-13 by Karissa Cole 57-9-13 by Karissa Cole 3 7-9-13 by Karissa Cole 4 7-9-13 by Karissa Cole 2 7-9-13 by Karissa Cole 1

More garden-themed photos, as promised. Well, I pretty much just promised myself. But if you can’t keep your own word to yourself then I think you’re pretty much hopeless. Of course that’s besides the point. And I do have one. A point, I mean. Well, it’s not really a point, per se. Actually, it’s really more rounded, not very point-like at all. Too bad, too. If it weren’t so round maybe it wouldn’t have gotten away from me so easily…

So this flower-photographing has really become a habit of mine. These photos represent my little excursions from the past two days. For the most part I quite like these particular pictures. I can’t help but feel like something is lacking, though. There’s a little voice that says to me. “if they’re all good that means none of them are; they could be so much better than this.” This little voice crops up a lot in my life, I’ve noticed. I think it’s about time I silence it and just enjoy what I enjoy.


a Beautiful Lie

7-3-2013 2 photographed by KCole 7-3-2013 3 photographed by KCole 7-3-2013 photographed by KCole

Another flower-themed photo post here. This seems to be turning into a habit. But I suppose it’s not so bad :)

I took these photos early last week. I love the sunshine, the bright blue sky, and the vivid colors of summertime. But today is one of the many dark, rainy, thundery days that’ve plagued my fleeting summer. So I thought if I posted some of the brightness from a few days ago, it’d carry me through this dark day.

All bloo–blooty? All blooty is bootyful.

It has come to my attention that time has been passing entirely without my permission. Summer is going by too fast for my liking. I MUST SAVOR EVERY MINUTE!

Hmm. I kinda sound like a complete spaz in that introductory paragraph, huh?

Today is an amazingly beautiful day, almost perfect. I don’t want it to end. Being the amateur photographer I am, I thought, as I often do, that it might be nice to take a few photos. I wish I had someplace to go, somewhere new that I could explore with my camera. But for the time being I’m confined, so, I just have to make do with what I have :)

3 Karissa Cole 2013 2 Karissa Cole 2013 1 by Karissa Cole 2013Promising by Karissa Cole 2013 Pure Sunshine by Karissa Cole 20134 by Karissa Cole 20135 by Karissa Cole 2013 6 by Karissa Cole 2013

It’s all pretty fleeting. As soon as it comes it goes. I don’t think people were meant to live fast-paced lives. I think we were meant to go slow, to enjoy every minute.


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