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Positive Vibe

Look! Pretty things! Well, it’s just one thing. And I suppose some may not find it pretty. But, at the moment, I like it. Although admittedly something about the planet doesn’t sit well with me… Anyway. “Positive Vibe”, so called because I think that’s what it has:

positive Vibe by Karissa Cole 2013

“Positive Vibe” by Karissa Cole 2013

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve done this. I mean, I haven’t done too much digital art lately. I fall into slumps a lot, it seems. Although, I did this weekend throw this poster together. I may tweak it though, and perhaps mess around with a few other ideas that fit that theme and make a post about them here…In any case, it’s a bit like falling off a log, making spacescapes, working digitally. Pretty easy to do, even if you haven’t done it recently, although it might not always be too graceful. Practice makes progress and all that, though :)


I have been feeling freakishly prolific lately. Hunkered down in my fortress of awesomeness, living off Junior Mints, white tea, and lots of rad music, I’ve been so completely absorbed in my various projects, I might as well be in another dimension.

Sweet, right?

Most recently I’ve done up a trio of spacescapes. They’ve all been uploaded to my gallery on devaintART, but I am admittedly, possibly insufferably, pleased with these pieces at the moment, so I thought I’d share them here too, along with the layer breakdowns. Each of the breakdowns can be viewed full-size, just click the image. They’re not walkthroughs, exactly, as the process behind things I make is actually pretty darn haphazard. I add and delete layers completely randomly until I come up with something I like. So the breakdowns just give a basic idea of what elements make up the final piece. I thought it’d be kind of cool to show them as well, instead of just throwing up a finished design. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be helpful to some other artist out there or something.

So first up, I created “Marvel”. I had just watched, like, six Marvel movies in the past week before making this particular ‘scape. One of them was playing in the background when I was trying to come up a name for this piece…I think you see where I’m going with this…

Marvel layer breakdown by Karissa Cole ea1701 2013

The day after finishing “Marvel,” I dove right into created this next piece, “I Drop Gems”. Named after “I Drop Gems” by _ensnare_. There really are no words apt enough to describe how awesome this song is. Seriously, if this is your bag, check it out. You may very well fall in love. Don’t judge right away, though. Let it’s awesomeness build up and surround you first.

Besides being named after one of my favorite pieces of music, this work of mine is inspired by eatenwaffle, who I wish had more videos. (You can find eatenwaffle under a different name on deviantART.) There’s not too much of it, but this artist’s work is really stunning. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have the time.

So, here’s the breakdown of my “I Drop Gems”:

I Drop Gems layer breakdown by Karissa Cole ea1701 2013

Finally, after finishing “I Drop Gems,” I thought to myself I should really do a third piece, as three seemed like a nice round number of new designs, so I got to work on “Dreamscape”:

Dreamscape layer breakdown by Karissa Cole ea1701 2013
Of all the ways I could think of to spend three days, traversing the galaxy without even having to change out of my pajamas isn’t all that bad an option.


Impossible by Karissa Cole 2013 all rights reserved ea1701

The latest celestial-themed digital work to come from my tired little brain. I had an hour break at work today, so camped out on one of the computers in the lab. I even remembered to bring my MP3 player (yes, I still use one) and my headphones, so, you know, doubly awesome.

Not really sure how I feel about this piece. I haven’t really been thinking “space” lately. Although, I sure haven’t been down to earth, either.

Beautiful Monsters

I think, sometimes, re-imagining something is just as important as imagining. I mean, taking something old and maybe forgotten, and rethinking what it could be. Admittedly, this is not something I do too often. But I did it this morning.

Today I was in just the right mood, I guess, so I took some forgotten Apophysis-made fractals, found while digging around in my old data discs, and re-imagined them.

Here are three fractals I used (the first two are several years old and, actually, incomplete):




Here are the speed-scapes I came up with, each with one of the above fractals as a base:

Beautiful Monster by Karissa Cole 2013 ea1701

Bedtime Story by Karissa Cole 2013 ea1701

Strange Happenings by Karissa Cole 2013 ea1701

They’re a bit rough around the edges, as most of my speed works are. I’m horribly impatient, and it shows. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive, too, and somehow both traits come into play when I work digitally. This, if left unchecked, then causes complete and total insanity. See, one part of my head is rushing to get done its brilliant idea, while the other part is freaking out about the little details being wrong. The impatient part often wins out, but the OCD part never shuts up.

Anyway, I had been toying with the idea of working on these a bit more this afternoon, in a attempt to pacify the obsessive bit of my brain that needs things “just so”. I’m trapped in the middle of a blizzard right now, so working on the computer is definitely a decent way to pass the time. And I’ve actually got a few other spacescapes ideas I’d love to play out. But I’m thinking I’ll do that later. Right now might be a good opportunity to put on some Next Generation and work on a new amigurumi pattern I’ve been trying to get done for a good month now, but just haven’t had much luck with yet.

Although, what with this being the biggest blizzard in thirty years (as is what they’re calling this snowstorm here in my neck of the woods) maybe I should work on knitting an afghan instead. You know, in case we lose power and are trapped inside our frostbitten little house for days on end, with no hope of rescue, no way to tunnel back out into the world. Then at least I’d have a huge, hand-made blanket to hide in, savoring as much heat as possible.

Knit fast, die warm, and all that.

Of course, seeing as how the snowfall is still below knee-level, I’m probably safe to just stick with working on some amigurumi today.

Caught in Hell

This afternoon seemed just perfect for playing my 80s mix MP3 and getting a bit of ‘scape practice in. So naturally that’s precisely what I did.

In preparation for the walkthrough/tutorial I will someday complete, I tried keeping this design simple, along the texture-ready lines, and I did my best to label and organize the layers, something I infrequently do. I think it came out okay, considering. Here are the screenshots:

1 - Base Layers

1 – Base Layers

2 - Lighting

2 – Lighting

3 - Base Stars

3 – Base Stars

4 - Depth

4 – Depth

5 - Larger Stars & Shooting Stars

5 – Larger Stars & Shooting Stars

6 - More Lighting

6 – More Lighting

7 - Texturing and Shadows

7 – Texturing and Shadows

8 - Touching Up & Adding More Colors, Textures, Shadows, and Lighting

8 – Touching Up & Adding More Colors, Textures, Shadows, and Lighting

As always, I’ll use what I learned from this session for bettering future ones. For instance, I have discovered that background 80’s music is perfect for rendering, so I will make sure to have it in abundance when I do tackle a full tutorial. But, then again, I have long been of the belief that 80’s music is perfect in just about all situations.

Final piece:

"Caught in Hell" (Disclaimer: title not indicative of mental or emotional state. At least not today.)

“Caught in Hell” (Disclaimer: title not indicative of mental or emotional state. At least not today.)

Walking through Space

WalkingThruSpace by Karissa Cole

Recently I was asked to create a tutorial regarding some of the celestial things I make. This is not it. Actually, this is, for lack of a better word, practice.

I’ve never actually made a full celestial-related tutorial before. I’ve done a few walkthroughs but no step-by-steps. This is probably partially because when I’m working in Photoshop I completely lose all track of everything – time, layers, processes – and just go with the flow, see what happens. That and I’ve never considered my work worth repeating. But there are a few beginners out there who, for now anyway, disagree and would like to know how I do what I do. So I thought it might be fun to rise to the challenge of creating something neatish and writing down the steps used so someone else could follow along.

The piece above is my very rough draft. A testing ground, if you will, for techniques and design aspects. I didn’t include all of the exact steps, but rather the general methods used. The final tutorial I create will most likely deal with a more complicated image in depth; this blue one is really very simple and didn’t involve all that much. But it served me well here, where I could use it to help myself figure out how I might want to lay out the future tutorial. I’ve taken my notes and learned what I need to improve upon for the final guide. Now I just have to, you know, make it.

I may end up back-burnering the tutorial for just a bit though, as, in other news, I’ve been in an amigurumi-making mood for a week or so and I’m just on a roll. Four new patterns are already either in the works or completely done.

I’ve also got another relatively big project in the works. Nothing too phenomenal, but there will definitely be some new stuff – ami patterns, short stories, illustrations, and new photo shoots – showing up soon. Somewhere in all of this the tutorial will be published, of course. Keep an eye out!

December’s Space

December 'scapes by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved (1)

Birthday [December 'scapes by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved (3)]

Lonely [December 'scapes by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved (4)] (2)December 'scapes by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved (2)

With December quickly coming to a close I thought it fitting I post these. I present to you the ‘scapes I made this month. (cue dramatic yet ethereal background music)

It’s funny how creativity works; I had no real intention of making these but the desire just took hold. I went a week where I spent most of my free time in Photoshop. These last two are really what I have to show for it. If I make 5 ‘scapes and I fall in love with even just one of them, then I count myself successful. And here I’ve made two pieces I love. So I think that makes me quite lucky.

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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