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Passport Stamps

Tell Me Lies WIP by Karissa Cole

the King of Nothing by Karissa Cole (570)

Once Around the Block by Karissa Cole

a Matter of Perspective by Karissa Cole

From Grandfather's Memories by Karissa Cole

Waiting by Karissa Cole

Just cataloging the worlds I’ve visited lately.

See, my car battery has been on the fritz (brand new, but there’s some as of yet unknown power drain that kills it every weekend) so I’ve had to rely on space travel to get to and fro these past couple of weeks.

Space travel’s not exactly the easiest method of specifically earth-related transportation (do you have any idea how hard it is to park a space ship in your standard lot?) but it can lead you to some very interesting places if you take the scenic routes!

Has Boldly Gone

Indefinite Calm by Karissa Cole 2012

The Swan by Karissa Cole 2012

Another Moment in Time by Karissa Cole 2012

Unaware by Karissa Cole

Such a Quiet Catastrophe by Karissa Cole 2012

Nearer to Haven by Karissa Cole

A Praise Chorus by Karissa Cole

Just a few new uploads to toss into my ever increasing pile of celestial pieces.

Not So Final

The Siren (WIP) by Karissa Cole 2012

The Shift by Karissa Cole

Waste (WIP) by Karissa Cole

Drowning Desire by Karissa Cole

Healing WIP by Karissa Cole

Even the Smallest Star by Karissa Cole

A Well-lit Nothing by Karissa Cole

I find it somewhat fascinating, how easily it seems my creative passion can be shifted so drastically in such a short period of time.

Two weeks ago my drive to create my digital pieces kept me up until all hours of the night. Last week I was pushing back the hours working with my own newest amigurumi patterns.

A few other scattered bits of life have been keeping me occupied too, so I haven’t much been on the computer (or behind a camera lens). But I wish to soon continue my digital interests. Sometimes I can feel the inspiration welling up, and just that one little push will send me into a creative spurt. . . Just not tonight. Besides, inspiration or no, I still feel as though my stuff is missing something so very important. In a word, I’d have to call it skill. I feel for sure it’s something I can muster, but perhaps I can’t. Don’t know.

Here, though, are a few of my latest celestial pieces. (My latest photographic and crochet things I’ve more or less uploaded already.)

More for my own benefit than anything else, my digital space stuff is really. These pieces in particular represent everything from my favorite recent work to abandoned works-in-progress to which I just have to say no. I’ll let you figure out which is which. (Although, the fact that some have already been put in  my dA gallery might be a clue. . .)

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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