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Rescue Saturday

Rescue by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved

New month, new spacescape.

Incidentally, it snowed where I live today. All day. I like to imagine it’s not snowing on these planets. I’m not anti-snow or anything. I’m just pro-warm.

[Next project: new amigurumi pattern! Keep an eye out]


Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved

New wallpaper pack, includes widescreen, iPad, and iPhone resolutions. Mwhahahaha.

Spaced Out

Dreamweaver by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved

Simply Wonderful by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved

Wake Again by Karissa Cole 2012 all rights reserved

Still working on some other projects – new amigurumi patterns, stories, and digital paintings included – but I was feeling a bit spaced out today. And since I am sadly without the Doctor and the TARDIS to take me around the universe, I just have to imagine for myself what might be out there. But it’s okay. I think I manage okay – so far.

Tonight I’ll go to sleep thinking of all the places and things out there for me to see, letting the possibilities and promise seep into my dreams and take me away.

I will probably also at least a little bit think about that video I saw on YouTube today where a bunch of scenes David Tennant stared in were pieced together with the song “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 playing. This, though, is probably mostly because that is an extremely catchy song and I’ve been listening to it all day. Still, there are worse things to have on the brain whilst drifting off to sleep. No?

the Good, the Bad, and the Weekend

I really love my job. It’s pretty near the opposite of what I thought I’d be doing for a living – goes to school to be a graphic designer, ends up becoming a math tutor – but usually it’s fun, going into work. My schedule alternates; I work with a certain group or set of tutees (yes, that is a real word, stop harping me, you know who you are) Mondays and Wednesdays and a separate set on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tu/Tr days are my favorite. I work with a nice bunch of people and it’s my favorite subject – Finite Mathematics. So normally these days go pretty well. But Tuesday I had an abnormally good day, better than most.  I ended up using my good work-day vibes and making this ‘scape:

Walking on Sunshine by Karissa Cole 2012 - All rights reserved

I dubbed it “Walking on Sunshine.” It was a lot of fun being enveloped by this piece, even if just for a little while. And it was nice to be in such a good mood.

Going into work today, though, I had this sinking feeling things would not go quite as well as they had before.

I hate being right about that sort of thing.

The day started off okay, then took a nosedive. But not wanting it to be a total wash, I did what I did Tuesday. Only instead of taking my good work-day vibes, I fed off the bad work-day to make this:

Bad Day's Break by Karissa Cole 2012 - All rights reserved

This one’s been given the title of “Bad Day’s Break.” All things considered this piece could exhibit a lot more anguish. I mean, I didn’t even add any explosions or anything. So I guess that might be indicative of the fact that maybe today wasn’t all that horrible. For the first time though, I am not looking forward to going back into work next week.But I figure the bright side is if mega highs and lows like I’ve had this week keep up I will have plenty of emotional inspiration for the next month and half (when the semester ends and I get a new batch of hopeful students.) Yay bright side!

I will try to savor this weekend though. Got some crocheting to do, some Wacom assisted digital illustration. Lots of fun stuff. By Sunday night I’ll probably be dying to get my hands on some math equations, but for now, some serious chillage sounds pretty good.


Somewhat Fanciful,” an older ‘scape from about a year ago, was featured as a Daily Deviation today by ^Infinite705. My surprise at seeing a few thousand notifications on my dA page this morning was monumental, to say the least. I really don’t think it’s that great a piece, but I’m uber grateful for sure. I’m still in the process of thanking everyone.

I haven’t made any really awesome celestial pieces in a while. But all my watchers – new and old – deserve a decent piece from this year at least. Plus I really need to feel like I’m progressing. I had really better get cracking! Got a few ideas that’ve been flitting around my head recently. And I live in an area where Hurricane Sandy is hitting hard – which means I don’t have to go into work. Maybe I’ll get the chance to buckle down and do something digital. How’s that for turning a negative into a positive? Hurricane coming? Cool, now I can play in Photoshop!

Hee hee. . .

Actually, this hurricane business is pretty heavy, so I’ll probably be preoccupied with that for the next two days. But, thanks to my deep need to multitask and my itty bitty attention span, I’m bound to be able to squeeze in some celestial art workage. I can just put it on the list next to traditional art and crocheting (both of which have been going well, actually.)

Me and my miniscule attention span. Can never just work on one thing at a time. Keeps life interesting!

Enveloped by Magic

Enveloped by Magic by Karissa Cole (1701blog post)I decided I needed a little magic in my life today. Crazy, wild, completely and totally over-the-top magic.

Passport Stamps

Tell Me Lies WIP by Karissa Cole

the King of Nothing by Karissa Cole (570)

Once Around the Block by Karissa Cole

a Matter of Perspective by Karissa Cole

From Grandfather's Memories by Karissa Cole

Waiting by Karissa Cole

Just cataloging the worlds I’ve visited lately.

See, my car battery has been on the fritz (brand new, but there’s some as of yet unknown power drain that kills it every weekend) so I’ve had to rely on space travel to get to and fro these past couple of weeks.

Space travel’s not exactly the easiest method of specifically earth-related transportation (do you have any idea how hard it is to park a space ship in your standard lot?) but it can lead you to some very interesting places if you take the scenic routes!

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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