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Super Lazy

"Today I will be super lazy. It's just like being regular lazy, only, I will also be wearing a cape." Illustration © Karissa Cole 2013 all rights reserved. Do not reproduce.

“Today I will be super lazy. It’s just like being regular lazy, only, I will also be wearing a cape.” Illustration © Karissa Cole 2013 all rights reserved. Do not reproduce.

I think this is probably pretty self-explanatory.

It started off yesterday as a sketch in my math book (heh heh). I then took a quick picture of it and opened in up in Photoshop, using the photo as my guide. I relied mainly on the pen tool for the outlining, and the brush for the coloring.

Pretty standard tools of the trade I think.

I should really spend more time on these things. But as Super Lazy Girl, I figure I just can’t afford to. I mean, I have important lazy things to attend to.

Baby Yeti

Baby Yeti - © Karissa Cole 2013 - All rights reserved

Baby Yeti – © Karissa Cole 2013 – All rights reserved

Sometime last week I think I was thinking about yetis. This is probably because of all the monster snowstorms that’ve been hitting my hometown lately. Well, today, I was all by my lonesome so thought I’d drag out my tablet and doodle something up. With abominable snowmen already on the brain this little sketch is what I came up with.


Illustration specs:
• Drawn in Adobe Photoshop – Sketched on paper, traced with Wacom.
• Font: “Earth’s Mightiest Bold Expanded”
• 03/02/2013

Please do not reproduce this design. If you share just be sure to link back here. T.Y. from the artist.


Okay, now, I don’t want to be a tease or anything, as nothing is a sure deal (especially when I’m involved), but I’m gonna go ahead and say it anyway: My short story and/or amigurumi pattern followers can consider this a sort of a preview for my next story-crochet project. Actually, as it so happens, I’m off to work on this project right now. So wish me luck! I’ve been pattern blocked lately. But hopefully baby yeti will fix that for me.

Oh, and just remember, even baby yetis can get cold sometimes. Always lend them your scarf if you can. They will be most grateful, and may even invite you over for tea.

Sketchy Plan

Sketch Up by Karissa Cole

I used to think I was a pretty decent artist. But having not touched pencil to paper for anything other than solving a math equation for the past year, I can safely say I no longer think this. Mulling it over now, I’m pretty sure I was never actually that good. Maybe above average just a tad, but not supremely talented, that’s for sure.

Forever and a day ago I used to doodle all the time. But I’m pretty much just digital these days. I decided to hook up my Wacom today and draw a few portraits in Photoshop. This is something I’ve yet to do and I thought it might be a nice skill to try to develop. After about 10 minutes, though, I got fed up. I just can’t get what I want on the canvas – not with a pen and tablet anyway. This was incredibly disheartening, I must say. But I set out to draw something, and I was not going to give up until I did. So I ended up grabbing a wrinkled old piece of card stock and a charcoal pencil and that up there is what I came up with after a few minutes of scribbling.

My worst failing as an artist, and quite possibly as a human being in general, is my lack of patience. I am terribly impatient when it comes to almost everything, but especially two things: (1) Traffic on the road and (2) Art and design. Oddly enough, art and design is what I went to school for. It’s what I wanted to do for a living. And yet it drives me mad more often than not, and I have less of a knack for it than I had thought. On the other hand, Math, which I had no interest in when I started my graphic design schooling, has, for the past year anyway, been the way I make my living and I have yet to lose my patience when dealing with any of the math students I work with. This, to me, is some kind of cruel irony. But I suppose it’s beside the point.

Maybe I’ve been relying too much on my left brain lately. I’m thinking maybe I need to find a way to strengthen my right brain, shake off the dust and cobwebs and fall in love with art again. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t shoved the arts away completely. But sometimes I wish it were as easy for me to draw or design something as it was for me to solve an algebraic equation.

I can’t believe I’ve gotten to the point where I actually love math. I used to be so normal . . . Well. More normal than that.

My creativity seems to come in spurts. I’m hoping this latest, albeit mediocre, drawing is that start of a new spurt wherein I can explore some of the medium I might have forgotten about. Who knows?

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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