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Occasionally I just get this surge of I MUST CREATE SOMETHING and I manage to sit down and do something I enjoy. This happened last week when I made this:

Intensity by ea1701 2014

Through the fog of still being in dire need of deep sleep I sat down Saturday or Sunday last weekend and made a spacescape, one of my first loves. I think it came out pretty nice. And as always, it felt nice to do something creative.


Calm Me

Calm Me by Karissa Cole 2014

My mission was to create an image that I thought of as peaceful, calming. The base of this piece is a photo of a Rock Beach Gorge from Lee Orr’s stock collection on deviantART. It morphed considerably from there. The original size is 2250 x 3225. It looks much better and has a lot less distortion than this wee version I’ve noticed…

Infrequently do I attempt terrapsace style art. Over the past four years this is probably my third try. Naturally it’s not a well honed skill of mine, yet. This one ended up having a painterly kind of look, I think (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). There are some parts of this picture that I think came out pretty good. And at least the idea is a good one, IMO :)

It looks quiet here. It looks like there would be no one around, and I could just sit in the sand or on a flat rock and watch the sky. That to me sounds infinitely peaceful.


Last summer I picked up Smashing as a new hobby. I was going through a really hard time and it became kind of a crutch for me. Before I knew it I had purchased tons of scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies. I was a wee bit of a shopaholic to be honest. Heh heh. But I’ve put all my new toys to good use, though. I recently went on vacation and have been smashing my memories.

Vacation SMASH page
Seaworld SMASH page detail
New me SMASH page
Silly us SMASH page
My sister and me outside the aquarium at Seaworld (one of my favorite spots). I liked this candid shot :)
Home away from home SMASH page

I visited Seaworld so one of the pages I’ve done up here is a memorabilia page: postcards, tickets, tags, receipts, brochures, a park map; fun things to take out of the page pockets and look at.

One of the smaller pages I made up kind of speaks to my vanity I guess. I lost about 30% of my body weight in 2013 so naturally I look a lot different for this trip. Long story short I bought a new wardrobe, new glasses and got a new haircut and I thought it was something I might want to document so it all got smashed, too. On the new me page there’s a pocket behind the photo with tags receipts, and a pull out journaling card about it all.

Another of the pages I made is of me and my sister. One day someone caught a candid shot of the two of us outside the aquarium entrance that I liked quite a bit so made a page for that.

I also smashed a map of the area we stayed in, the place we stayed at, and some photos from a quiet night of goofing off. It’s fun. I think it’s a nice way to preserve and share things I want to remember.

On a sidenote: I’m quite possibly addicted to using brads.

Love, imagine, create, scrap, live.

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